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Higher Ground!

After conversion, many Christians live in the lowlands. Like Abraham, they ask God to bless the work of their own hands, and are unaware that the Holy Spirit left them. Jesus is calling us to higher ground. The Holy Spirit must deal with us to the very bottom before sinners can be brought to Jesus through our testimony–and before we can be truly saved. Can you, like Paul the Apostle, say, “I have been, and still am crucified with Christ?”

The Narrow Path to Power

During the welcome Sister Kathryn focuses primary upon Isaiah 61, which led to the sermon, which is an expansion of Thursday’s broadcast. If you’ve not closely listened to that sermon, go back and listen to the broadcast first. Pastor Ray discusses the narrow path to revival and the price that you and I must pay, if we are to see revival in America, as well as our own lives. Are you willing to pay that price?

(Note: Today’s welcome and sermon have been integrated into one file and edited.)