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Higher Ground!

After conversion, many Christians live in the lowlands. Like Abraham, they ask God to bless the work of their own hands, and are unaware that the Holy Spirit left them. Jesus is calling us to higher ground. The Holy Spirit must deal with us to the very bottom before sinners can be brought to Jesus through our testimony–and before we can be truly saved. Can you, like Paul the Apostle, say, “I have been, and still am crucified with Christ?”

The Way of Ishmael (August 1, 2004)

Today’s classic sermon is one on the way of Ishmael. As Abram and Sarai waited for the promise of God to be fulfilled in their life together, they grew impatient and opted for creating an Ishmael. Learn what this means and allow conviction to come so that this self-reliant spirit can be removed by the blood of Jesus. Jesus wants us to trust in His promises, not in our ability to create for ourselves. Are you trusting in Jesus to create all things in your life or are you trusting in your ability to make it through?