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Putting Out the Fire of God

Is there a fire for God in your heart? A close look at Jesus’ parable of the sower sheds light on his message to the lukewarm church at Laodicea. Like these early Christians, many in the modern American church, as well as much of the western world, have had the fire of God in their hearts diluted by the ice water of the responsibilities of life and pursuit of prosperity. Indifference to this concept is a sure sign that you are lukewarm. Where are you today with Jesus?

Determined to Be a Doulos of Jesus

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ provides for a full reclamation of the human race from sin right now. In Christ, we are restored to the holy and blameless condition of Adam and Eve in the garden. The only reason the world is still in such a miserable condition is because sinners refuse to repent and believe in the full and present salvation of Christ. Beloved, it is time to cast out your love of sin and unbelief and to walk in holiness!

A Gift from God (That Keeps God Talking!)

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray continues the study of Hebrews with a focus on what is real, which only comes from the hand of God.  He reviews both the “Logos” (the creative idea behind everything that is created, i.e. Jesus) and “Rhema”  (the breathed word of God). Listen closely to understand the difference between the offering made by Abel and Cain and determine in your heart to be an Abel and no longer to be a Cain (a wanderer). 

An Answer to Hard Times

Pastor Ray continues his exposition of Hebrews by finishing up Hebrews 10, and integrates it with some other scriptures. It’s time to cast off the cheap cultural Christianity and the cotton candy Jesus and to be fully crucified with Jesus. Come in power to rescue your people Lord Jesus!

The Joy of Sabbath Rest (Hebrews 1)

Many Christians have fallen into a snare of legalism due to misunderstandings about the Sabbath. On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray provides a detailed Biblical explanation of entering into the Sabbath rest of Jesus–not just one day a week, but every day. Note that the Sabbath day rest was instituted before the fall of man. Its goal is not law-keeping, but rather intimacy with God. Listen to the message to fully understand that the Sabbath rest observance was broken by sin, and that Jesus, through his blood, has made a way to restore us to this Sabbath day rest.