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Nourishing Our Inner Life (2008)

In this meaty sermon, Pastor Ray digs deep into the three secret acts of righteousness for which God will openly reward us: giving alms, secret prayer, and fasting. These practices nourish our inner soul life and make us spiritually rich and fat, regardless of our physical circumstances. Selflessness and entire consecration to Jesus must underlay these three acts. This sermon is a must-listen for those seeking stability in their Christian experience, true Christian community, real answers to their prayers, the glory of God’s name, and the coming of his kingdom!

(Note: An outline of this sermon is available here!)

The Fellowship of Blood (Encore)

On Friday’s broadcast, we ran the welcome and sermon from September 11. Sister Michelle’s focus is upon the transition that Elisha made, after Elijah left. Pastor Ray talks about the fellowship of blood from the book of James and what that actually means to us.

The Danger of Self Love (Encore)

Are you so consumed with pride that you fail to help others, because after all,  shouldn’t the world revolve around you and your concerns? This self love will create divisions and block the work of God. God designed the church to be an interdependent body of people, not a group of self-sufficient and self-contained individuals. Will you allow God to melt and soften your heart, so that you will sacrificially love Jesus and others?