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Do NOT Stonewall Jesus

After an outstanding welcome message from Psalm 40 by Sister Michelle, Pastor Ray discusses stonewalling–delaying or blocking a request, process, or person by refusing to answer questions, by giving evasive replies, or by a refusal to submit to Jesus (resulting in no outpouring of love). This is the final sign that you’re about to turn away from Jesus. On the other hand, the first sign of not stonewalling Jesus begins with going beyond socially acceptable bounds, like Mary of Magdala who washed Jesus’ feet with her hair and tears. A person who sees his/her true spiritual condition, and is subsequently saved from all this sin by Jesus, will sell out to follow Jesus and sacrificially support the work of the Gospel.

Is this your present experience? Has it been your experience in the past, but you’ve gotten angry because your expectations haven’t been met–or some other reason–and now you’ve decided to stonewall Jesus?

Behind the Scenes of the Temptations

Sister Kathryn opens the welcome with two questions: Do you want to walk free of sin? and, Do you want Jesus to answer your prayers? Pastor Ray then plunges into an urgent call for an utter consecration to and reliance on Jesus Christ and our desperate need for the Pentecost power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus’ ministry would have failed without the power of the Holy Spirit, and we can expect the same result. We cannot and will not touch America without the Holy Spirit! Will you sell out totally not only for Jesus, but for the lifework of the Gospel?

Jacob’s Heart

In this very unique and eye-opening reading of Jacob’s life, Brother David unfolds Jacob’s heart to respond to the call of the Holy Spirit. Though immature, he committed himself to God in ways very precious to Jesus, and did not turn away in his heart when he went through suffering he could not understand. Just as God birthed the nation of Israel out of Jacob’s suffering, God wants to birth something out of your suffering that’s bigger than you can imagine. Do you earnestly desire the blessing of God in your life, no matter what it will cost you? (The welcome was a call to holiness laid out primarily in 1 Peter by sister Michelle.)

Belshazzar’s Feast

Belshazzar refused the light he had about the holy God of heaven and died partying. He was unable to read the writing on the wall, which was the judgment of God over his life. By contrast, Daniel took a strong stand for righteousness, refused the king’s gifts, and was exalted (and delivered) by God. With the light you have received, have you responded like Daniel or Belshazzar?

The welcome is from Psalm 19 and Revelation 22 from our beloved sister, Kathryn. The picture is Rembrandt’s painting entitled “Belshazzar’s Feast.”

How Big Is Your Jesus?

Jesus, the creator of Heaven and Earth, is bigger than we can imagine–but how big He appears to you will depend on how close you are to Him. Many people who are called by Jesus are too large and are unwilling to submit to the pruning process that will reduce them. Millions upon millions around the world will never have the light you have about Jesus–have you eagerly run to the light that you have? Or have you hidden in darkness and contempt and simply refused the call of Jesus upon your life?

This file includes the welcome from Sister Kathryn, primarily from Psalm 18.

Tearing the Heart of God

The American church today, and the church in most of the Western world as well, face a divorce with God. We’ve been unfaithful and cannot expect the loving presence of God until we’ve rebuilt trust with Him through repentance and obedience. God does not want to let us gowill you give up all expectations, and simply love and fully submit your life to Jesus?

(Note: We’re also including Sister Michelle’s welcome. This sermon is the beginning of a series on the book of Hosea. We strongly encourage you to read and pray over this book and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart.)

His Winnowing Fan (or Fork) Is in His Hand!

Have you submitted all to Jesus, only to quickly have your life thrown in the air? Don’t be discouraged! This is one of the ways of Jesus. He is separating the chaff from your life so that He can bring you into His barn!

(Note: This is the welcome from Sister Michelle today. Because Pastor Ray’s voice was weak, we had no sermon and shared testimonies as a church instead. But, Pastor Ray will be live on 780 AM WAVA tomorrow. We’re trusting Jesus to do this. Please pray for our ministry, that we will be faithful to the call of Jesus in the midst of the fire.)

Absolute Surrender!

God knew that Abraham was sold out to Him when Abraham didn’t withhold his son Isaac. Today, God tests us to see if we’re withholding anything from Him. God isn’t stingy–He will provide. He wants to give us His son! But, if we hold onto our life, we will be robbed of the power to live righteously. Are you absolutely surrendered to Jesus?

The Gift of Shame (2 Samuel 11)

King David saw the love of God and yet believed that he could get away with adultery and murder. The resounding effects of his sin continued for years until God finally worked it through David’s soul: “Should I win the favor of Yahweh, He will bring me back…but should He say, I take no pleasure in you, then here I am, let Him deal with me as He likes” (2 Samuel 15:25-27).

Will you let God show you the full enormity of your crimes? If you allow God to take you to this great place of crushing, God’s promise is that He will be close to you: “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.” (Psalms 51:17).

A Letter from God (Revelation 3)

Welcome message by Sister Kathryn

When Jesus looks at our works, he will see us as hot, cold, or lukewarm. If you’re uncertain about your actions, you need to submit them to Jesus! Being confident in Jesus is a choice–don’t settle for anything less than total confidence that you are led by the Holy Spirit at every moment, as you remain in full submission to Him!

(Note: Today’s brief sermon is an introduction to the upcoming series on the Laodicean church, which begins tomorrow on WAVA 780 and will be posted here as well.)

What Must I Do to Be Saved?

In this sobering message, Pastor Ray identifies that salvation consists in a state of mind that is supremely happy in (and resigned to) God’s will. To be saved, we must recognize that we’ve stolen ourselves from God, return to Him, and make restitution to all we’ve injured. Doubtful actions will block us from hearing the Holy Spirit, sear our hearts, dull our fear of God, and ultimately ruin our souls. Is Christ’s yoke an iron collar of duty to you, or is your delight in the will of God? Where’s your heart with Jesus today as you listen to the sermon?

Welcome message by Sister Michelle

What You Must NOT Do (to Walk in Salvation)

Pastor Ray defines six things that we must NOT do if we want to walk in salvation. Does the sweet love of Jesus flow between his heart and yours?  Are you angry with Jesus, the one who died and suffered for you? Or, are you angry at another, for whatever reason? Jesus came and died to destroy the works of the devil; will you allow Him to do that work in your heart today, and will you lay down all of your issues? 

(NOTE: The welcome message was not recorded.)

Trust Jesus, and Deal to the Bottom!

Normally, we integrate the welcome in with the sermon and provide one file, but we had some recording issues this Sunday. We praise Jesus that he restored the welcome from Psalm 145! Although it’s not a pristine recording, we pray that it will be a blessing to you. Correction January 9: It actually turned out incredibly well, we thank Jesus for His wondrous works!

Rise Up, and Walk!

Revival can come to any church at any time: not by a sovereign move of the Spirit of God, but by the church waking itself up to who God is, his righteousness, and their sin. The story of the palsied man, lowered through the roof and healed by Jesus, shows the three ways we can respond to this call for revival and to the gospel. We can scorn; we can be casually interested; or we can know that we are sick and be hungry for Jesus. Will you rise up immediately, and walk?

Welcome message by Sister Michelle

Choose to Be Wise (Encore)

What will you give Jesus this Christmas? The wise men who visited Jesus in Bethlehem brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These three gifts symbolize what we can give to Jesus today: the piercings that make us holy; the bitterness of our past failures; and a sweet-smelling smoke of joy, intercession, and ministering to Jesus. Each of these gifts will give God a handle on us to mold our character into the likeness of Jesus and open up the way for God to intervene on the earth and bring his kingdom in revival power!

Jesus IS the Gospel! (Isaiah 9)

Jesus is a person – He is not a set of philosophical principles that will help you have a better life. You must choose to humble your heart and lose your life for Jesus, just as He lost His life for us. Will you separate yourself for Jesus, and let Him change your heart from tin to flesh???

Endurance (November 2016)

Have you ever asked, “How do I know if I’m enduring or not?” That answers hinges on whether or not you complain. It is not sin to admit difficulty–but will you take it to Jesus and pray through, or will you bitterly complain like a sinner? Jesus is pleased when we walk without sin through every trial of life! This sermon was originally preached on Sunday, November 20, 2016.

The Two-Fold Work of Jesus Christ (Leviticus 16)

The atonement and its benefits are two distinct works that were prefigured by the two goats of the sin offering in Leviticus 16. The finished work at the cross made full provision for the forgiveness of our past sin and the removal of all sin from our souls. We have time to repent because Jesus died for the sins of the world. But to be saved, we must allow Jesus to do a finished work in us that makes us holy – this requires us to be crucified with Christ and to be born from above. Will you once and for all say “I’m done!” and give yourself wholly to Jesus?

The Foundation of Prayer (Psalm 118)

Are your prayers answered in the physical realm? The foundation of prayer begins with repentance, which God brings us to through suffering. After we get honest, give up the game, and earnestly say, “I will have Jesus,” the promises of God become stones that build the foundation of prayer. In Jesus, all of these promises are Yea and Amen! Let the Holy Spirit teach you this foundation of prayer!

(Unfortunately we lost much of the welcome due to some technical problems.)

Do Not Force God to Leave You! (Ephesians 1)

God’s warning in Genesis 6 was that “My spirit shall not always strive with man.” If you have not renounced and forsaken all the manifestations of the flesh, you are grieving the Spirit of God. You must go all the way through the crucifixion with Jesus and come through into the fulness and fruit of the Holy Spirit Do not by your impenitence or simply your ignorance, force God to leave you!

Endurance (James 5)

Jesus calls us to love and trust Him through all circumstances – to endure instead of complain or grumble. It’s not sin to admit difficulty – but we must choose to pray through it and not be swayed off course by it. This is how Jesus weaves himself into our lives!

O God, Awaken My Heart!

Jesus’ heart overflows with grief when he has to send sinners to hell. Will you compel Him to do so based on the choices you’re making? You may intellectually know the gospel, but choose things that “unsave” you, and will subsequently ruin your soul for eternity. Will you join John Bunyan’s Christian and run to the narrow gate today?

Welcome message by Sister Michelle

The Grief of God’s Heart

Sister Kathryn’s welcome highlighted the most practical way to follow Jesus by standing on His promises and then allowing these promises to begin to stand on us, which then enable us to enter into God’s grief.  Pastor Ray used to story of the birth of Samuel to detail the process of how God uses grief in our lives, as a gateway for Him to share his grief with us. As God was grieved over the Eli church, He is greatly grieved over the modern American Eli Church and the call is for us to enter His grief. As we do that, the call, just like Hannah, is to enter into a covenant with God to give Him the very thing we’re crying out for, so that He can began in earnest to share his grief with us for the wickedness in America.

Unspotted by the World

In the welcome, Sister Michelle asks the question “What do you think God is thinking about America and your life?” using Psalm 32 and 2 Corinthians 7 as the text.  Pastor Ray details what entire sanctification looks like in the life of the believer.  The modern church’s denial of entire sanctification is simply a refusal to submit to JesusAre you willing to undergo the process laid out in the life of Rees Howells (and the scriptures) to utterly give your life into His control? Do you understand that without holiness, no one will see the Lord (See Hebrews 12:4)?