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Renounce All Sin (2006)

Are you inclined to run from God because there is shame in your life? This isn’t a psychological problem–it is a real problem, because it means that there is sin from which you haven’t repented. Repentance and confession are not the same. You can confess a sin and then go right back to it. But to repent of sin means to renounce it and make restitution. If you’ve not repented, none of the knowledge you acquire about Jesus will bring you into his presence. Instead, it will store up wrath as you flatter and deceive yourself about your real spiritual condition. Are you walking clean with Jesus, in his presence, right now? If not, will you immediately renounce all sin and make restitution?

The Cost of Ownership (February 22, 2009)

This powerful, terrifying message exposes the true cost of rejecting self-denial. Beginning in the Garden of Eden, Brother David shows that Adam did not sin spontaneously. Sin began to fester in Adam’s heart when he declared of his wife, “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh,” thereby seizing ownership of Eve and his own life. This ownership–which is really stealing from God–cost he and Eve their covenant shield with the Almighty. Adam, no longer clean in his heart before God, opened the door to darkness through which the devil and confusion entered. When presented with the forbidden fruit, Adam’s heart just flowed right into the commission of sin. Had he been clean with God, he could have said, “No, honey, I won’t eat that,” and interceded for his wife, and the fall of man would not have happened.

This cost of ownership is just as real to us. Any withholding from God will break our covenant with him. Instead of being a vessel of redemption for others, the devil will have free reign to destroy those whom God intends to save by us. The job, coffee, relationship, or habit that you cling to because you “need it to survive” is a refusal to submit to Jesus and the peace of God that comes when we receive full provision from him. This will ruin not only your own soul, but those of your closest friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers. Is having your own life really worth that cost??

The Mission of God’s People (2008)

The church’s mission picks up where Jesus left off: “to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion” (Isaiah 61:2-3a). How we can proclaim the fear of God in such a way that causes people to break down and get right with God, if we haven’t gone through it ourselves?

Jesus’ warning, “Judge not, that ye be not judged,” addresses the fatal self-righteousness that will block us from seeking the kingdom of God, his righteousness, and the mission to which we are called. Instead of selling out to Jesus,  most of us, without even realizing it, approach church as if we’re sampling desserts at the grocery store. Are you crushed by how you’ve treated God?

Hindrances to the Narrow Path (2008)

After Jesus lays out the moral requirements of the new covenant, he concludes the sermon on the mount with a warning. What will hinder someone from finding the narrow gate, entering the narrow path, and staying on it? Namely, false prophets, hypocrisy, intellectualism, a defensive spirit, and a performance mindset will. Have you been ensnared by any of these?

(PDF Notes are available for this sermon!)

Two Paths Clearly Marked (2008)

Unlike forest trails, which are quickly overgrown, the path of light and the path of darkness have many clear markings. The first is identified by an active faith, bold confession, and absolute, sold-out dependence on Jesus; the second, by a divided heart, hiding one’s sin, and self-reliance. In spite of these clear markings, we may trick ourselves about which path we’re walking. Just because the path of light leads through a dark area doesn’t mean we’ve sinned. Likewise, temporal ease doesn’t mean that we’re not under a sentence of death. Where are you today?

(Note: Sermon notes available here!)

A Place of Standing (Encore Sermon Clip)

As you decide to give yourself fully to Jesus, a great battle quickly ensues as satan and his minions pursue you to kill, steal, and destroy you. You must quickly recognize this and not only go to Jesus, but also remain in full submission to Him. Jesus is not out to destroy you but rather to destroy the works of the devil. Be encouraged to see the devil’s design, and make that determination in your heart to go all the way through with Jesus and allow Him to utterly transform you.

In this short clip from a sermon from our Brother David Sampson, he lays out the secret to this place of standing as the battle inevitably heats up. Be encouraged in the midst of the fire that you’re in, that Jesus loves you! (Note: The audio quality isn’t great, but don’t let that distract you as you listen.)

Precious Treasures of the Heart

Jesus said, “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven…” This touching sermon from the Sermon on the Mount series shows that this passage isn’t just about money. We collect many things in our hearts, such as memories, hardness, a double mind, fasting, prayer, giving alms, and sacrifice for Jesus. But our hearts were intended not to store these, but to be filled with the love and power of Jesus. Are you keeping up with your deposits with Jesus? That which is unclean will be washed; and that which is righteous will be kept for eternity!

Only a Single Seed (2005)

In today’s sermon, Pastor Ray focuses on what it means to deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Jesus, as laid out in all of the Gospels. It’s so easy to have misconceptions about what this death to self means and how it impacts our daily lives. My prayer is that you will make the decision to be fully crucified with Christ as Paul did in Galatians 2.

Lord, Pull Me Through!

Using the story of Paul’s imprisonment, Pastor Ray makes the case for being a Christian and then for being entirely sanctified. The Gospel is not a self-help, self-improvement program but does require a volitional submission to Jesus. Even with this awesome call, our heart cry must be, “Lord, Pull Me Through!”

Share this message with your friends, families, and co-workers, and don’t hold the position of King Agrippa, who accused Paul of madness, rather than surrendering his life into the hand of Jesus.

Grace to the Humble

Today’s classic sermon from 2008, melds portions of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 7) with Galatians 5 and 6 and James Chapter 4. It’s a call to confront darkness and lay down our expectations of others, and allow the love of Jesus to freely flow from our hearts to others. As we do that, many will separate from us but God in his great kindness will provide grace to the humble so that we may endure. Allow the Holy Spirit to etch his words on your heart, as you listen and cry out to Him today…

The Hedge of God

If you’ve fully given yourself to Jesus, the hedge of God now protects you, much in the same way it protected Job. The issue that Job wrestled with (and that we must wrestle with as well) is that due to this hedge we cannot function as if we were gods and all self (our meager attempts to be god-like, to control any parts of our lives) must be totally laid down). If we are to be crucified with Christ (and subsequently resurrected), than this process must come to a final conclusion. This is why God allowed the hedge around Job to be lowered and why he’ll do the same thing in our lives.

Joyous Victory! (2005)

In today’s 2005 sermon, Pastor Ray goes quickly through the four types of Christians laid out in the Parable of the Sower followed by the story of Ann Preston (a.k.a. Holy Ann or Holy Anna). He provides a synopsis of a wonderful book entitled “An Irish Saint” written by Helen Bingham. Listen intently with the question what is Holy Ann’s secret to her walk with Jesus and you will be both surprised and humbled.

A Picture of Holy Ann near the end of her life
A Picture of Holy Ann near the end of her life

How to Turn Victory into Defeat (2005)

Today’s sermon from 2005 focuses primarily on the life of Achan, who chose to turn victory into defeat. Achan’s sin was that he didn’t want to stay low and he hid things under his bed. Have you hid anything (an unclean thing, an unclean attitude or perhaps a pet sin) from the all-seeing eye of the Holy Spirit?  Let the Holy Spirit go all the way to the bottom and go from victory to victory through the blood of Jesus. This requires conscious decisions and a determination to no longer hide from Jesus anything…

Get Past Your Pride! (May 15, 2005)

One of God’s ways is that He will uncover every vestige of pride, so that we can be totally transformed.  Listen to the story of how God uncovered King Hezekiah’s pride and allow the Holy Spirit to expose any pride in your heart. We’ve seen pride as a virtue and not a vice in America and this has to be exposed and totally broken in our hearts.

Preparation for Revival, Part 2 (Encore)

Today’s sermon is Part 2 in the preparation for revival mini-series. Pastor Ray goes to John 17 to lay out Jesus plan for revival in your heart and mine. Will you allow Jesus to bring revival to your life and to those around you?

Being Born Again Is Not Enough (Romans 1 with Pastors Ray and Jan Greenley)

Using the text of a John Wesley sermon and Romans Chapters 1 and 6 (and many other scriptures), Pastors Ray and Jan explain why being born again is not enough. Listen closely and determine where you are in this process. I leave  you with the words of a chorus written by John Wesley.

“Break off the yoke of inbred sin, And fully set my spirit free! I cannot rest till pure within, Till I am wholly lost in Thee.”

The Sacrifice of Intercession (February 2005)

Today’s sermon is a follow-up from last Saturday’s broadcast. Using the story of Moses, Pastor Ray lays out the process where we become intercessors, as we come to fully abide in Christ. Listen to the sermon and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal how God wants to this process to occur in your own life (i.e. to make you an intercessor).

Willing to Be Made Willing? (Encore)

In today’s Saturday sermon, Pastor Ray discusses Chapter 5 (The Holy Spirit Takes Possession) of “Rees Howell: Intercessor” by Norman Grubb.  As we begin to abide in Jesus, He takes us all the way to the bottom. We must then go to the same place as described by Rees and Pastor Ray, where finally our lives are fully given to Jesus. In that place, the Holy Spirit comes and asks us if we’re willing and will make us “willing to be made willing” if we willingly go to the cross. Are you willing to move out of your life and will you trust the Holy Spirit to pull you through?

How to Bind the Strong Man? (January 23, 2005)

The Holy Spirit reminded me of this sermon yesterday, but I thought the tape was destroyed but was mistaken. This sermon will help further explain how Jesus binds the strong man as we abide in Him. What is striking to me, is the number of ways the Holy Spirit can explain the same thing to ensure that we “get it.” I pray that you not only “get it” but decide to fully walk in it and watch Jesus come in great power to bind the strong man in your life.

Walk Out Your Faith! (2005)

In today’s sermon from 2005, Pastor Ray talks about how Blind Bartimaeus decided to walk out his faith. We must unabashedly seek Jesus to heal our blindness and walk out our faith as well. There’s a humbling that must take place before God and others so that God can change us. As we begin to totally abide in Jesus, He comes in great power and begins to transform us by His power and might. What an awesome privilege to serve Jesus!

Harden Not Your Hearts (2005)

Today’s message from 2005 is a  strong reminder to not to harden our hearts. How do our hearts get hard and what is God’s prescription for the hardness? Listen to the message and resolve to not resist the word the Lord is speaking to us.

Besieged by God (2004)

If you’ve ever made a honest decision to follow Jesus, know that God will besiege your life to no end. His purpose is to bring you and I to a full surrender of our lives, not to steal or harm us. Are you consciously aware of how God has besieged your life? Make that unequivocal surrender of your life to Jesus Christ today as you listen to today’s message!

A Mind That Understands! (2004)

Today’s sermon classic will be a very helpful reminder for you, so I would encourage you to prayerfully listen. We can easily get off track in our walk with Jesus when we focus either on the past or the future, which leads us into taking control of our lives again as we begin once again to believe the lies of the devil. Fully give yourself into the mighty hand of Jesus and watch what He will do in your life!

Vanity Fair (2009)

Today’s post is from the Springs of Living Water radio broadcast with Pastors Ray and Jan from 2009. They are speaking from the book Pilgrim’s Progress when Christian and Faithful went to the city of Vanity Fair. Surely our current culture is quite similar, with even more decadence and debauchery. Make the decision to go through Vanity Fair, regardless of the cost.

A Good Report? (August 2006)

Today’s sermon classic is primarily about Daniel and him being cast into the lion’s den. Daniel was willing to give up his expectations and opted to put his full trust in God. The good report is that Daniel fixed his eyes upon Jesus (i.e. he prayed, he didn’t quit), despite his circumstances. What would have happened if God didn’t deliver Daniel in the way we thought he should be delivered? Does God have to work out your circumstances in a particular way and will you trust Him, regardless of what your circumstances may appear? This is where the good report emerges!