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Three Loaves of Bread (2006)

Is the gift of the Holy Ghost an optional snack for you? Through the parable of the man begging his friend for three loaves at midnight, Jesus directs us to pray for the gift of the Holy Ghost with bold, persistent, urgency that will not be turned away. This begging process humbles our hearts and makes us aware that we are starving orphans without the Holy Ghost. For God to answer, obedience to the Holy Spirit in even the smallest things must accompany this kind of prayer. When the Holy Spirit prompts you to spend time with him in prayer or Scripture, do you obey? Do you cherish his promptings, or do you grieve him away by ignoring his promptings and going about your life? If you aren’t anointed with the power of the Holy Spirit, how will you ever reach the lost?

The Gift of an Anguished Mind (October 2014)

Have you ever felt that you would die if God didn’t save someone you knew? Most of us think, “If I just talk to them the right way, they’ll come to Jesus,” and we comfortably avoid the excruciating soul agony of praying as if we would not be denied. The problem with this is that no one will ever come to Jesus this way. Until we give up the delusion of self-sufficiency and all of our back-up plans, recognize that our laziness and lack of concern put Jesus on the cross, and finally become anguished for the lost, God will not send his Holy Spirit. Being converted is not enough. Without this anguished mind, even those who love Jesus can easily slip into a calloused heart and dead religion. Are you able today to enter the throne room of God and get an immediate answer? Do you know what it is to travail in birth for a soul? If not, does this fact bother you enough for you to cry out to Jesus about it???

Moral Insanity (October 4, 2015)

Indifference thrives on moral insanity. Like many Americans, you may recognize that our country is crashing. But what are you doing about it? Have you taken the attitude, “Well, there’s nothing that I can do about it,” and then responded with either angry feelings towards the corrupt “powers that be,” or by saying, “Well, I might as well enjoy life while I can?” This sin of not praying will not be atoned for. God is willing to step into history and turn America back to righteousness. But, God will not do it until Christians will give up their casualness and entertainment, wake up to reality, and weep and wail in the prayer closet as if they would not be denied. Will you do this?

(Notes are available!)

The Foundation of Prayer (Psalm 118) (Encore)

Does God answer your prayers? The foundation needed to prevail in prayer begins with repentance and being made righteous by faith in Christ. Through our suffering, God brings us to the place where we say, “I’m done with games. I will have Jesus!” In this place, the promises of God become stones that build the foundation of prayer. In Jesus, all these promises are “Yea” and “Amen”! Let the Holy Spirit teach you this foundation of prayer! This is the Sunday welcome and sermon from December 4, 2016.

The Foundation of Prayer (Psalm 118)

Are your prayers answered in the physical realm? The foundation of prayer begins with repentance, which God brings us to through suffering. After we get honest, give up the game, and earnestly say, “I will have Jesus,” the promises of God become stones that build the foundation of prayer. In Jesus, all of these promises are Yea and Amen! Let the Holy Spirit teach you this foundation of prayer!

(Unfortunately we lost much of the welcome due to some technical problems.)

The Deathblow to Pride (Philippians 2) (2005)

This is the fifth sermon that were all preached during 2005 on this issue of pride.  All vestiges of pride must be removed through the blood of Jesus. What is the deathblow to pride?

O Lord, My Strength (James 1)

Have you determined to leave all moral uncleanness and have the carnal nature totally removed? If you have, and Jesus is now the owner of your life, you must continue to humbly look into Jesus and allow him to expose your heart as it really is. We must do this to be saved. Are you willing to take that time in the prayer closet to really get to know Jesus? Will you repent and allow the divine strength of Jesus Christ to make you holy?

No More ‘Buts’! (James 1)

During today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray shifts gears and focuses on a story from Chapter 3 of the book “Remarkable Miracles” by G.C. Bevington, a Holy Spirit evangelist.  Bevington would pray until he got an answer, which is what “praying through” means. Pastor Ray recounts his own experiences as well and the “but” (i.e. the excuses) must all be laid down. All you willing to lay down your excuses and wait before Jesus for the answer to that cry of your heart? (Note: We had no video for today’s broadcast.)

Melted in Prayer

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray discusses praying through the Lord’s prayer and how his heart is melted down during prayer. Is your heart melted down as you pray or is your heart cold and indifferent?

Loving My Beloved

The focus of today’s sermon is again on the binding of the strong man (from Matthew 12). Pastor Ray asks two critical questions as you listen to this: (1) Can the Holy Spirit through you use the power of the blood of Jesus to bind the strong man (to break the devil’s control) in your life in some specific way (e.g. in your marriage, with your health, with someone in your family who needs Jesus or some other impossible circumstance) and (2) Is there anything blocking the presence of Jesus in your life? Settle the issue with Jesus whether you will give Him full reign over your life (and do it!) and watch as He comes to renovate your life (generally He does it one room (or area) at a time).

What Is the Foundation of Your Faith? (October 30, 2012)

Do you have a foundation of faith in Jesus Christ or do you simply have a vague hope in Him? Using personal experience and the life of Rees Howells, Pastor Ray makes a clear distinction between hope versus assurance. This broadcast will revolutionize your prayer life if you’re able to get a hold of it.

Deny Your Unbelief, and Pray! (2005)

On today’s broadcast, we ran a sermon from 2005 entitled above. Pastor Ray’s focus is on the Lord’s prayer. Jesus will bring us to a place where only He can deliver us time after time and the question that we must answer is whether we will deny our unbelief and pray? Jesus is faithful to teach us how to stand upon His promises, so trust and obey Him today!

Principles of Intercession (October 15, 2012)

During today’s encore broadcast, Pastor Ray recounts how the Holy Spirit began to teach him the principles of intercession. He also goes through how the Holy Spirit taught a dear brother named Rees Howells in that classic book entitled “Rees Howells: Intercessor.” Do you believe that God can and will move in the physical realm as we begin to seek His face and not His hand?

The Language of Prayer (July 7, 2005)

On today’s sermon classic, Pastor Ray lays out the call of the Holy Spirit for the National Prayer Chapel and walks quickly through the model prayer, the Lord’s Prayer. May His kingdom come and His will be done in your life as you fully submit to Jesus.

Breaking the Stalemate(s) with God (2007)

On today’s encore broadcast, you’ll learn experientially what it means to “pray through.”  As Jesus calls us out of this culture of wickedness and into His light, stalemates will most likely arise as God wants to deal with our behavior and we want to God to intervene in some very specific way. The devil will use these stalemates to get you to side with Him and become the accuser as He is but you do not need this to occur. Will you resolve in your heart that through the power of the blood of Jesus to allow Him to break every stalemate?  It’s time to be victorious in Jesus.

Humble Your Heart and Endure Suffering (Encore)

On today’s message we focus open another wonderful story from the book “Remarkable Miracles” by G.C. Bevington. Are you willing to humble your heart before Jesus until he comes to answer the cry of your heart? We must be willing to become small or humble our hearts before Jesus and endure the suffering that comes in the waiting and Jesus will rescue us! Listen to today’s message and be encouraged to fully trust Jesus.

Does Jesus Answer Prayers? (Encore)

Does Jesus actually step into time and space to change you and you circumstances? Do you believe that he can? Listen to another story from the book Remarkable Miracles by G.C. Bevington and see how Jesus wants to personally intervene in your life to change your heart and your mind and turn your eyes toward heaven.

Pray to Jesus, and Don’t Give Up! (Encore)

This week on Pilgrim Progress we’re going to be replaying, as we did today, a number of stories from G.C. Bevington’s book, “Remarkable Miracles.” It’s been published a number of different times with different titles, if you would like to read it online, here’s a great place to do so. In today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray lays out Brother Bevington’s conversion and his own decision to seek Jesus, regardless of what the costs were. “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:13 NIV).

Provoked to Pray! (2004)

This is an outstanding sermon on the topic of prayer. We don’t pray unless we must pray or perish. The time is quickly approaching where we must hear from God, simply to be able to survive. One of the great gifts of God is barrenness and famine, where we need to cry out, as we cannot deliver ourselves. Where is your heart today, has God provoked you to pray or have you believed the lie that you’re the man or the woman? 

Will You Be a Part of an Elijah Company?

Pastor Ray lays out the elements of what is required to become part of an Elijah company. What will it take to bring Mt. Carmel back to the modern American church and to you and me, so that God can bring refreshment? Are you willing to fully give yourself to Jesus and become a part of this company??? There must be an absolute refusal to compromise and make a decision to give ourselves fully to HIm.

The End of the Double Life (Encore)

Using this same story from “Remarkable Miracles” intermingled with scriptures and personal experience,  Pastor Ray describes the process of “praying through” as the old-timers described.  As the dear doctor and his family “prayed through” to victory, which took an extremely intense period of prayer, the victory comes by the blood of Jesus. You can only walk this path, as you are willing to forgive, repent, make restitution, lead by the Holy Spirit. If you are willing to pay this price, then the Lord Jesus will bring you through to victory by the blood of Jesus. Jesus wants to end the double life in you. Wll you yield to the Holy Spirit to allow this work to be completed in you?

A God of Action

God is a God of action, not passivity and if we wish to become His servants we too will become active as we search the scriptures to stand on the promises of God. God’s work is to destroy the works of the devil and our part in that is to stand on his promises. People don’t pray because they don’t need anything from God. Will you begin to cultivate a spirit of prayer to allow the Holy Spirit to determine what keeps you from being one with Jesus?

The Courage (to Trust Jesus)

Does God answer your prayers? Are you crying out to God knowing that if he does not answer, you will die? Or have you grown indifferent by his lack of response? If God is not answering our prayers, it is a spiritual warning that we are not getting our life’s sustenance from Christ. Instead, like the church of Laodicea, we are in the dangerous place of being blind to our own wretchedness, with no inner awareness that we are walking in hostility towards the people around us and towards God. Real, imparted–not just imputed–righteousness is needed to enter the kingdom of heaven. We must have the courage to trust Jesus as our only source of sustenance and life and to cut off everything that is not of Jesus. Will you allow Jesus to rule over your heart in all things, or will you get angry?

Meeting the Conditions for Effective Prayer

Do you really believe that God will answer your prayers? Pastor Ray Greenley suggests that when God doesn’t answer our prayers, it’s because we had no faith that he would, and then we drift into indifference and hostility. Is your relationship with God characterized by affection and submission, or do you experience flashes of anger and rage because God didn’t do what you wanted him to? As long as we are hostile towards God, we are his enemy. Our spirit must be alive in righteousness. Unforgiveness, hostility, and anger will destroy our righteousness and prevent God from answering our prayers. Even still, it is often necessary to wait on God in order to align our will with his. It’s not so much that we are waiting on God, as he is waiting on us.