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Absolute Surrender!

God knew that Abraham was sold out to Him when Abraham didn’t withhold his son Isaac. Today, God tests us to see if we’re withholding anything from Him. God isn’t stingy–He will provide. He wants to give us His son! But, if we hold onto our life, we will be robbed of the power to live righteously. Are you absolutely surrendered to Jesus?

Two Paths Clearly Marked (2008)

Unlike forest trails, which are quickly overgrown, the path of light and the path of darkness have many clear markings. The first is identified by an active faith, bold confession, and absolute, sold-out dependence on Jesus; the second, by a divided heart, hiding one’s sin, and self-reliance. In spite of these clear markings, we may trick ourselves about which path we’re walking. Just because the path of light leads through a dark area doesn’t mean we’ve sinned. Likewise, temporal ease doesn’t mean that we’re not under a sentence of death. Where are you today?

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The Testimony of Righteousness

In this vulnerable testimony, Pastor Ray shares his experience of entire sanctification. Entire sanctification is not some mystical experience: it is simply a covenant confirmed with Jesus that, “I disown my life, and I will receive from Jesus only what he chooses to give me.” As we deny ourselves the right to provide for ourselves, the Holy Spirit leads us down a path of suffering that eradicates selfishness and produces real righteousness. Have you made this covenant with Jesus? Are you living by faith that, if you seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, everything will be added to you? Or is your life still filled with what you’ve created?

Unspotted by the World (Encore)

The story of Rees Howells shows the necessity of entire sanctification after the new birth. In order for Jesus to live in our bodies, as he intends to do, we must give him complete control of our lives. Revival in America hinges on individuals who will make this total consecration to Jesus.  Beloved, will you go on to perfection? Or will you refuse to submit completely and unconditionally to Jesus? This welcome and sermon were originally preached on October 23, 2016.

God’s Redemptive Plan for the Church!

The bride of Christ, the church, will overcome and be forever holy and wedded to Jesus! God has set His heart on the church and put her on display to the entire universe. This is the big picture of salvation. Will you choose to be part of that holy wife of God?

God’s Purpose in Our Suffering

Is being a Christian hard? This is true only if you’re trying in your own strength and power to be a  Christian. The good news is that real righteousness, just like salvation, is a free gift from Jesus. The gospel doesn’t require you to white knuckle the monsters in your life. Power and victory come when we die to self, give Jesus total control, and endure all hardship and suffering as the necessary discipline from God to make us holy. There is no unnecessary suffering–God only allows exactly what is required to make you holy so that you can enter heaven. Won’t you give up the worry and complaint, and thank God and trust him, even in the midst of the crushing?

The Gates of Righteousness! (Psalm 118)

Repentance and righteousness are not God’s end for the Christian. Instead, they are stepping stones to intimacy and fellowship with Jesus. This intimacy comes at a high price: suffering, discipline, and consciously and deliberately giving up control of your life to Jesus. He will deal with the monsters in your life if you simply trust Him and not turn away. Have you given everything into the hand of Jesus or do you believe that you somehow can defeat these monsters in your life that come to ravage you?

O God, Awaken My Heart!

Jesus’ heart overflows with grief when he has to send sinners to hell. Will you compel Him to do so based on the choices you’re making? You may intellectually know the gospel, but choose things that “unsave” you, and will subsequently ruin your soul for eternity. Will you join John Bunyan’s Christian and run to the narrow gate today?

Welcome message by Sister Michelle

The Famine Is Over!

Naomi’s two daughters both came to the border of Israel: Ruth went through, but Orpah turned back to Moab. It’s time for you to leave the border. Will you totally renounce Jesus Christ? Or will you renounce all other loves, and unite yourself to Jesus Christ? O beloved, won’t you come home?

Jesus’ Banner of Love

What motivates your life? Is it the banner of love from Jesus, or is it all about you, in whatever form that may take? The work of God will never be accomplished in our lives until we allow the Holy Spirit total, unconditional possession of our bodies. We must have faith to leave our pigpens and renounce each one, through the blood of Jesus, and claim God’s banner of love over our lives.

O, beloved, this is not optional for any who would name the name of Jesus! If you refuse this work, how will you stand on the Day of Judgment? Holiness isn’t optional. How will you answer those you claim to love and adore, who will go to hell simply because you were unwilling to die to your pride?

No Longer Hostile to God (Encore)

Do you love and submit to Jesus in truth, or have you buried and ignored hostility in your mind towards God? If we think that God exists to help us get what we want, we are in rebellion. Jesus will never be a mere consultant: He will either own and carry your whole life, or He will be absent! Do you experience the joy of the Holy Spirit that comes from step by step daily submission (not by hard work) to Him? Or, do areas of hostility rise up in your mind when you try to pray, or in certain situations? This hostility, if not removed, will take us to hell! But, Jesus is willing to cleanse us totally if we willingly confess and repent of our wicked ways.

The Peaceful Fruit of Righteousness (August 14, 2016)

Today’s radio broadcast is the sermon from August 14, and we’re also including the broadcast below so you can listen to it, if you’ve not done so already.

Loving My Beloved

The focus of today’s sermon is again on the binding of the strong man (from Matthew 12). Pastor Ray asks two critical questions as you listen to this: (1) Can the Holy Spirit through you use the power of the blood of Jesus to bind the strong man (to break the devil’s control) in your life in some specific way (e.g. in your marriage, with your health, with someone in your family who needs Jesus or some other impossible circumstance) and (2) Is there anything blocking the presence of Jesus in your life? Settle the issue with Jesus whether you will give Him full reign over your life (and do it!) and watch as He comes to renovate your life (generally He does it one room (or area) at a time).

Besieged by God (2004)

If you’ve ever made a honest decision to follow Jesus, know that God will besiege your life to no end. His purpose is to bring you and I to a full surrender of our lives, not to steal or harm us. Are you consciously aware of how God has besieged your life? Make that unequivocal surrender of your life to Jesus Christ today as you listen to today’s message!

The Lord Will Provide! (2004)

On today’s broadcast, a sermon from 2004, Pastor Ray focuses on the life of Abraham. We must do as Abraham did and lay those things most precious to our hearts on the altar of God as a sign of worship. As we do this with our tears, Jesus will make atonement for our sins. Listen to the sermon and take courage to give everything over to Jesus. 

A Made Up Mind?

Looking at an overview of the life of King Solomon, Brother Ed asks the question do you have a made up mind to totally and completely give your life to Jesus or are you like King Solomon who wanted his way and God at the same time ? We must make a decision to give ourselves totally into the hand of Jesus and let Him have His way in all things in our lives.

Stop Fighting with the Devil (May 6, 2004)

In today’s classic sermon, Pastor Ray lays out how to draw closer to God. The only way to fight the devil is to humble our hearts in submission to God. Listen to God’s prescription for coming closer to Him. (Note: We lost about a minute or so from the beginning of the sermon.)

I’m Not Going Back (Encore)

If you missed today’s broadcast, it’s the sermon from May 1. We struggled with fixing some of the digital recording problems and have spent many hours remixing it. We do apologize for the sub-par quality and we’ve remixed it again with better results. If you select this link , this will take you to the new digitally remastered file. We’ve included the broadcast version below.

A Fragrant Life (2 Corinthians 4)

Today’s broadcast focuses on two ladies, one named Helen Ewan from the series “They Knew Their God.” The other was Pastor Ray’s grandmother, Mary. By our worldly American standards, both of these women would have been deemed failures, but they had the presence of Jesus in their lives. Listen to the message and ask what was the secret to what Jesus did in their lives? Are you willing to lay all down and let the sweet fragrance of Jesus flow through your life? Surely, we’re the problem as God is not a respecter of persons, as both of their lives represent the normative Christian life. Cry out and ask Jesus to change this and He will!

(Note: There is no video today.)

Do Your Walk and Your Talk Match? (Encore)

This is almost a companion to the 3-17 broadcast, despite it being an encore broadcast but the question of the Holy Spirit poses to each of us is quite clear, “Does Your Christian Walk and Talk Match?” or do I say one thing and do another. That’s a critical question to ask in prayer. The heart of Jesus is to bring us to a place where what we say and what we do are totally congruent and that allows the Holy Spirit to give us great boldness to simply do what He asks us to do and to proclaim his word. Where is your heart today?

Felix Neff, The Brainerd of the High Alps

Felix Neff

Today’s broadcast is another story from the book “They Knew Their God” written by Edwin and Lillian Harvey. God used this young man, who was utterly sold out to Jesus Christ, in a glorious and precious way. Listen to this story and let the Holy Spirit bring great conviction or great comfort to your heart, depending on where you heart is with Jesus. I’ll leave you with a very thought-provoking quote from this young man for you to ponder as you listen.

“To those who have found rest to their souls in Jesus Christ, but those whose spiritual life has gradually become feeble and languishing, I say without hesitation that this evil arises from their neglect of prayer and meditation. They are content to know these things without practicing them. They speak of the grace of God, but they seek it not. They know Jesus Christ, but they do not cultivate a close communion with Him. They do not seek Christ in their closets.”

Lay Down All Self Interests

A decision must be made to lay down all self-interests and we must deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Jesus. We must a final decision to either follow Jesus or the devil, we cannot follow both. Listen to Jesus’ parable of the great dinner and listen to the excuses made for not seeking Jesus. There’s nothing more miserable than trying to follow Jesus and our self-interests, the result is always hard-heartedness and backsliding.

Here’s what Jesus said in Luke 14:26-27 “If anyone comes to me and does not have single-minded loyalty to Me over his father and mother, and wife and children, and brothers and sisters, and yet even his own life, he is not able to be My disciple. And whoever does not bear his own cross and come after Me is not able to be My disciple” (Lavender’s New Testament).

Self interest causes us to be lukewarm with Jesus and will result in us being vomited out.

Burn Your Ships!


In order for our hearts to overcome this half-converted state of the church in America, indeed throughout the western world, there must be a “burning of the ships” among those who follow the Lord Jesus Christ. This means that everything else must be utterly given into the hand of Jesus. That includes all of our hopes and dreams, any of our ways that are contrary to God’s ways. All of the comforts that block this full surrender to Jesus must also be laid down. Using the story of the Spanish Conquistador Hernando Cortez, Pastor Ray describes the process of burning our ships. Are you willing as an act of your will to burn all your ships and be utterly given into the hands of Jesus and let Him determine the course of your life?

Have You Given Everything into the Hand of Jesus? (Encore)

In our utilitarian society, we think that as long as we make progress, we’re okay with Jesus. We must be utterly given to Jesus in all things, if we are to be the bride of Christ. Using the Song of Solomon, Pastor Ray provides an explanation of why this is necessary. Will you allow the Holy Spirit and the sweetness of Jesus to draw your heart out of all uncleanness, all independence and anything else between your heart and His?