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The Cost of Ownership (February 22, 2009)

This powerful, terrifying message exposes the true cost of rejecting self-denial. Beginning in the Garden of Eden, Brother David shows that Adam did not sin spontaneously. Sin began to fester in Adam’s heart when he declared of his wife, “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh,” thereby seizing ownership of Eve and his own life. This ownership–which is really stealing from God–cost he and Eve their covenant shield with the Almighty. Adam, no longer clean in his heart before God, opened the door to darkness through which the devil and confusion entered. When presented with the forbidden fruit, Adam’s heart just flowed right into the commission of sin. Had he been clean with God, he could have said, “No, honey, I won’t eat that,” and interceded for his wife, and the fall of man would not have happened.

This cost of ownership is just as real to us. Any withholding from God will break our covenant with him. Instead of being a vessel of redemption for others, the devil will have free reign to destroy those whom God intends to save by us. The job, coffee, relationship, or habit that you cling to because you “need it to survive” is a refusal to submit to Jesus and the peace of God that comes when we receive full provision from him. This will ruin not only your own soul, but those of your closest friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers. Is having your own life really worth that cost??

Higher Ground!

After conversion, many Christians live in the lowlands. Like Abraham, they ask God to bless the work of their own hands, and are unaware that the Holy Spirit left them. Jesus is calling us to higher ground. The Holy Spirit must deal with us to the very bottom before sinners can be brought to Jesus through our testimony–and before we can be truly saved. Can you, like Paul the Apostle, say, “I have been, and still am crucified with Christ?”

Is Jesus Trying to Kill Me? (2009)

The Lord has said, “The soul that sinneth, it shall die.” But Jesus died so that our soul does not have to die! So how are we to die with Christ? We are to die first to our sinful actions, and second to our sinful nature. The sin nature is not part of our soul—it is a foreigner that affixes itself to our soul and controls it. Genesis 3:15 promises that this control is not total. You can repent! Glory to God! Listen to this powerful message to learn how to die to sin TODAY and walk in the freedom of Jesus!

Delectable Mountains (or, What Is Your Understanding of the Atonement?)

Your salvation largely depends on what you believe happened at the cross, as our behaviors simply mirror our beliefs. Did God punish God with the literal wrath for the past, present, and future sins of only the elect, who will be inevitably saved from hell? Or did Jesus, as both high priest and sacrifice, lay down his life to make provision for all men to be made holy here and now? The Bible, your own conscience, and saints throughout the ages testify that you will not be saved from hell unless you stop sinning. The Christian life was not intended to be a desert of struggle and despair until death. Just as Bunyan’s characters Christian and Hopeful arrived in the Delectable Mountains, you can–and must!–enter into the promised land with Jesus in this life!

The Foundation of Prayer (Psalm 118) (Encore)

Does God answer your prayers? The foundation needed to prevail in prayer begins with repentance and being made righteous by faith in Christ. Through our suffering, God brings us to the place where we say, “I’m done with games. I will have Jesus!” In this place, the promises of God become stones that build the foundation of prayer. In Jesus, all these promises are “Yea” and “Amen”! Let the Holy Spirit teach you this foundation of prayer! This is the Sunday welcome and sermon from December 4, 2016.

Jesus IS the Atonement

For the past 1,000 years, the doctrine of penal atonement, developed by Saint Anselm, has pervaded Christian churches of nearly every denomination. The Puritans, John Wesley, and Charles Finney were some who stood against this false teaching that Christ literally became sin and that believers will always be sinners. An in-depth look at Scripture, in translation and in the original Greek, reveals that Jesus Christ is atonement and that he offered himself to forgive our past sins and to remove sin from us in the here and now. We must be made holy now, and stay holy to the end, in order to be saved. If you’ve never considered this before, this broadcast is a good place to begin.

(Note: There is no YouTube video for today’s broadcast.)

Only a Single Seed (2005)

In today’s sermon, Pastor Ray focuses on what it means to deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Jesus, as laid out in all of the Gospels. It’s so easy to have misconceptions about what this death to self means and how it impacts our daily lives. My prayer is that you will make the decision to be fully crucified with Christ as Paul did in Galatians 2.

Unspotted by the World (Encore)

The story of Rees Howells shows the necessity of entire sanctification after the new birth. In order for Jesus to live in our bodies, as he intends to do, we must give him complete control of our lives. Revival in America hinges on individuals who will make this total consecration to Jesus.  Beloved, will you go on to perfection? Or will you refuse to submit completely and unconditionally to Jesus? This welcome and sermon were originally preached on October 23, 2016.

Determined to Be a Doulos of Jesus

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ provides for a full reclamation of the human race from sin right now. In Christ, we are restored to the holy and blameless condition of Adam and Eve in the garden. The only reason the world is still in such a miserable condition is because sinners refuse to repent and believe in the full and present salvation of Christ. Beloved, it is time to cast out your love of sin and unbelief and to walk in holiness!

God’s Purpose in Our Suffering

Is being a Christian hard? This is true only if you’re trying in your own strength and power to be a  Christian. The good news is that real righteousness, just like salvation, is a free gift from Jesus. The gospel doesn’t require you to white knuckle the monsters in your life. Power and victory come when we die to self, give Jesus total control, and endure all hardship and suffering as the necessary discipline from God to make us holy. There is no unnecessary suffering–God only allows exactly what is required to make you holy so that you can enter heaven. Won’t you give up the worry and complaint, and thank God and trust him, even in the midst of the crushing?

The Gates of Righteousness! (Psalm 118)

Repentance and righteousness are not God’s end for the Christian. Instead, they are stepping stones to intimacy and fellowship with Jesus. This intimacy comes at a high price: suffering, discipline, and consciously and deliberately giving up control of your life to Jesus. He will deal with the monsters in your life if you simply trust Him and not turn away. Have you given everything into the hand of Jesus or do you believe that you somehow can defeat these monsters in your life that come to ravage you?

Is It Too Hard to Follow Jesus? (2011)

Consider this sermon, a review of the old and new covenants. Pastor Ray asks the question is it too hard to follow Jesus? Have you faced the truth about yourself before God? Is Jesus is simply an add-on to an already full life? You must make a decision to be crucified with Christ and it only becomes hard to follow Jesus when we’re walking under the law.

We Have Seen the LIFE!

Pastor Ray continues the study of Hebrews today and the call to grow up in Jesus, which is one of the central themes in the book of Hebrews. The call is to be crucified with Christ, with a wholehearted pursuit of Jesus and the willingness to be transformed by His precious blood.  Isn’t it time to go on from the milk to solid food? It’s time to move on to maturity (perfection, completion).

A Made Up Mind?

Looking at an overview of the life of King Solomon, Brother Ed asks the question do you have a made up mind to totally and completely give your life to Jesus or are you like King Solomon who wanted his way and God at the same time ? We must make a decision to give ourselves totally into the hand of Jesus and let Him have His way in all things in our lives.

Have You Been Saved from Your Sin? (Hebrews 2)

This is the fourth broadcast in a series on the exposition of Hebrews verse by verse. Today Pastor Ray asks the question as to whether you are saved or not? Have you been crucified with Christ? Is Jesus totally in charge of your life as demonstrated by your behavior? Allow the dynamite of God to transform you as you suffer and are transformed by the process of crucifixion.

The Suffering of Leaving Our Sin (Hebrews 2)

Today’s broadcast is the third one in the series on an exposition of Hebrews verse by verse. Listen to the message with an open heart and mind and let the Holy Spirit speak to you. The walk with Jesus is NOT about self-improvement or trying harder, it’s simply is being crucified with Jesus and fully given to Him, where everything in our lives is under the Lordship of Jesus. Have you believed the lie that death is your savior and that you past, present and future sins are covered?

Set Your Heart On Jesus (Malachi)

Using Malachi, John 14, and Galatians 5, Pastor Ray asked the question have you made an acceptable offering before the Lord, where you have divorced your sin and have been crucified with Christ or have you offered a profane offering before the Lord? That’s only a question you can prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit. May you set your heart like flint to follow the Lord Jesus Christ, He is enough but the only acceptable offering to Jesus is everything!

An End to the Self-Centered Life (2005)

The biggest struggle in this culture to being a true follower of Christ, is the inner struggle with pride and selfishness. In our culture, we’ve mostly worshiped it and seen it as a virtue rather than a great sin before a holy God.  It’s taken many years and much suffering for the Holy Spirit to unveil this in my heart and I pray that the Holy Spirit will use these sermons (from 2005) to seek the purging of all pride and all self-centeredness in your heart. Simply click the title to play in any type of browser. (If you viewing this via iTunes or a podcasting app, then only the first sermon will play and you must open the remaining four sermons using a browser.)
Deny Your Unbelief and Pray
No Longer Hostile to God
The Danger of Self Love
Get Past Your Pride
A Death Blow to Pride

We Must Decrease in the Garden of Gethsemane

Pastor Ray talks about the familiar story of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane but please be cognizant of two things to consider as you listen:

  1. Prayerfully listen and consider the story afresh,
  2. Honestly face before God any divide between what you think you may know and how you actually live.

In addition, he provides a more experiential definition of theology that you should consider as well, rather than the cultural “head knowledge” that can lead to great revelation but little love, only condemnation toward others. Here’s a brief explanation of this experiential study of theology.

  1. Confession of truth (who is Jesus) received by revelation (i.e. a rhema word),
  2. Reflecting on this revelation and how it impacts your life (i.e. What does Jesus want from my life (practically speaking)?)
  3. Putting into practice what you’ve been taught (i.e. congruence, your walk and talk must fully match).

Where is your heart today, have you been utterly given over to Jesus?

Disown Your Life!

Mark 8:34-36 Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny (or disown) themselves and take up their cross and follow me.  For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it. What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Do you need Jesus and do you need Him to be the total center of your life? If so, let’s cry out together so that Jesus can heal our blindness.

Confession and Crucifixion (November 2006)

This is a radio broadcast with Pastors Ray and Jan Greenley well before her passing in 2010 and it’s direct and to the point regarding the need for confession and crucifixion. Allow the Holy Spirit to walk you through this process of crucifixion, where you die and Christ can live through you!

Finally… Crucified with Christ (October 25, 2015)

This is more of a testimony than a sermon about Jesus did in the heart of Brother Ed. Jesus has finally brought him past the state of being half-converted and into a place of rest and peace and victory. This work need not take most of your life. There is sweet victory and rest after that crucifixion is complete.

Religion without Salvation (June 2005)

We will be posting some classic sermons and broadcasts on Saturdays, and this is our first effort in doing that. The name of this sermon is entitled “Religion Without Salvation.” May the Holy Spirit speak to your heart and unveil the lies. These lies are humanism, an unsanctified hope of heaven, the lie of old experiences, and a self-righteousness that says my best is good enough. It’s time to get rid of all of the lies that keep us in prison. These lies are the fruit of an unconverted heart, so it ties in with the broadcasts this week.

Jesus wants to bring you through in total victory but that will mean you must undergo a crucifixion! Are you willing to undergo this crucifixion and subsequent transformation by Jesus?

The End of the Double Life (Encore)

Using this same story from “Remarkable Miracles” intermingled with scriptures and personal experience,  Pastor Ray describes the process of “praying through” as the old-timers described.  As the dear doctor and his family “prayed through” to victory, which took an extremely intense period of prayer, the victory comes by the blood of Jesus. You can only walk this path, as you are willing to forgive, repent, make restitution, lead by the Holy Spirit. If you are willing to pay this price, then the Lord Jesus will bring you through to victory by the blood of Jesus. Jesus wants to end the double life in you. Wll you yield to the Holy Spirit to allow this work to be completed in you?

How Do We Escape a Burning World? (Encore)

Our only means of escaping the wickedness of this world, is by crucifixion and union to Jesus. If we walk under sin, we’re still under the law. Listen to the exposition of Romans and determine in your heart that you will leave this prison planet, through the dynamite power of God, made available to you by the blood of Jesus. Throw off the lie of the sinning Christian and leave this burning world today.