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Follower of Jesus! A bit of a techie and an audiophile of sorts, that's not so important but loving Jesus is the focal point of my life and serving Him in whatever ways He chooses, that's where my heart is. Peace to you all, there is sweet victory in Jesus!

A Few Announcements

The internet radio should be back online soon. We’ll also be exploring ways to improve it.

Next week’s radio broadcasts will be a series of “classic” sermons, some dating back as far as 2003. We pray that they are a blessing to you. In addition, our Saturday classic sermons will be coming back soon.

Finally, if the Holy Spirit has laid upon your heart to give or simply to share a testimony as to what Jesus has done and is doing in your heart and life, write to us at:

National Prayer Chapel
P.O. Box 2346
Woodbridge, VA 22195.

May the blessing of Jesus fill your soul with a burning heart full of His love!

Another Programming Note

We re-aired Tuesday’s broadcast yesterday, and again the radio station went off the air. It came back up under auxiliary power but was very difficult to hear for about 10 minutes, during a critical period of the broadcast. We covet your prayers as the devil has been raging over this message of the wonders of the atonement. If the Holy Spirit has given you a burden to pray for us or to financially support our efforts, please write to us at The National Prayer Chapel, PO Box 2346, Woodbridge, VA 22195. God bless you dear one!

A Made Up Mind?

Looking at an overview of the life of King Solomon, Brother Ed asks the question do you have a made up mind to totally and completely give your life to Jesus or are you like King Solomon who wanted his way and God at the same time ? We must make a decision to give ourselves totally into the hand of Jesus and let Him have His way in all things in our lives.

03-28-2016 – A Brief Programming Note

We want to encourage you to download a podcasting application, in order to view the broadcasts and sermon classics. Here’s a link to the prior post on this topic.  We are working to make all of these materials available on iTunes but that work is not yet complete. We will make an announcement, once we’re able to do that. In addition, we’re working to provide high quality mp3s again but will be posting broadcasts as soon as we can (at a lower quality level) and then uploading the higher end files as we receive them from the radio station. We earnestly covet and appreciate your prayers during this brief transition.

Updated 8:15 pm: Jesus is faithful, we’ve improve the broadcasts quality quite a bit thanks to some help from our radio station. The quality is improving and thank you for your patience!

A new WAVA Radio Station in the works!

Good Evening National Prayer Chapel Family,

You may have wondered why we haven’t had a live radio broadcast these last few weekdays.

Over the last week, the WAVA Radio Station, here in the DC Area, has been relocating physical buildings.  The move has necessitated the use of encore presentations.  While we hoped to broadcast live today, there was another delay.

We hope to be broadcasting live tomorrow (Tuesday, March 15th).  We ask for your continued prayers and to listen to the Sunday Sermon which Pastor Jim Kerwin preached to the congregation.

We love you all!

Where Can I Find More Sermons or Broadcasts???

If you have had difficulty in finding additional sermons, please go to the top of the page and select, “Do You Need More Sermons?” (Note: The download command is at the bottom of the very long page for now, but any sermon can be streamed or downloaded.) The last 150 are also available for streaming on the right side of the website.
Our internet radio is working and is on the right side of the webpage and the bottom of the page. Simply click the Pilgrim’s Progress logo, and it will automatically play the last three sermons or broadcasts. You can access internet radio without an internet connection by calling (641) 793-9914.

How to Set Up a Blog Application on Your Smartphone

We thought that some of you may benefit from a very brief tutorial on setting up a podcasting application on your smartphone. This type of application takes the posts made from our website and then copies that post to your app.  If there’s a sermon or broadcast included (which there will be most of the time), then you can either stream or download the audio files with your app. It really only takes a few steps to set up, which are laid out below:

  1. Go to the store for your phone and search for “Podcasting application” and select one,  download and install it. It’s best to start with a free app and there are a number of different ones to choose from depending on the type of phone you have.
  2. Come back to the site and select the type of phone you may and then the app you installed and then select subscribe.
  3. Once you do this, your app will now download the posts for you and you can stream the audio or download it at your leisure.

Here are some images to help you. The first picture highlights the “Subscribe” function, once you select that, you’ll be prompted for an app and you should select the app you’ve downloaded. The last two images show how a sermon looks uses a podcasting app, as illustrated in an app called “Podkicker,” which is a free application available on both Android and iPhones. (NOTE: Podcasting apps are also available on windows phones and most computers.)


Finally… Crucified with Christ (October 25, 2015)

This is more of a testimony than a sermon about Jesus did in the heart of Brother Ed. Jesus has finally brought him past the state of being half-converted and into a place of rest and peace and victory. This work need not take most of your life. There is sweet victory and rest after that crucifixion is complete.

Pardon the Facelift

Good Day National Prayer Chapel Family,

We are in the process of redesigning the website from the ground up.  Pardon the lack of Audio Archives while we repopulate.

Rest Assured, you will begin to see the website content continue to repopulate in the coming days and weeks.

Hopefully, you will see the website much more responsive on all viewing platforms including mobile and desktops and welcome the changes with open arms.  Pray for Us.

Lastly, You will also see a new image on your mobile device when you save our website to your homescreen. The icon you will see is pictured below. It’s a reminder to pray for our nation.

prayer DC