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His Winnowing Fan (or Fork) Is in His Hand!

Have you submitted all to Jesus, only to quickly have your life thrown in the air? Don’t be discouraged! This is one of the ways of Jesus. He is separating the chaff from your life so that He can bring you into His barn!

(Note: This is the welcome from Sister Michelle today. Because Pastor Ray’s voice was weak, we had no sermon and shared testimonies as a church instead. But, Pastor Ray will be live on 780 AM WAVA tomorrow. We’re trusting Jesus to do this. Please pray for our ministry, that we will be faithful to the call of Jesus in the midst of the fire.)

Hearing Jesus

Today’s welcome from Sister Michelle focuses on the parable of the sower. It’s time to no longer let the devil steal from us and allow Jesus full control and He will remove the stones, the thistles and the thorns in our hearts! (We had some recording challenges and lost much of the welcome but believe that it will still encourage you to surrender to Jesus, so we’re posting it.)

Dressed and Ready

Please open your Bibles to Revelation Chapter 16 and make a decision to not allow the devil to come and steal all of the work that Jesus has done in your heart. (Note: We lost the first minute or so dealing with some new audio equipment.)

Washing the Feet of the World

Today’s welcome is from John 13 and Sister Michele asks a critical question “Are you willing to come to a place where you’re willing to be washed and fully cleansed by Jesus?” That’s something that Jesus wants to do in our hearts but it requires that same earnestness demonstrated by Peter.

Another Kingdom

We’ve had some technical challenges the last few weeks and we’re now going to be posting the welcome messages by Sisters Michele and Kathyrn. This welcome is only about 11 minutes long and will be a great encouragement to many of you, so we’re going to post this separately, she’s reading from Philippians 3.