What You Must NOT Do (to Walk in Salvation)

Pastor Ray defines six things that we must NOT do if we want to walk in salvation. Does the sweet love of Jesus flow between his heart and yours?  Are you angry with Jesus, the one who died and suffered for you? Or, are you angry at another, for whatever reason? Jesus came and died to destroy the works of the devil; will you allow Him to do that work in your heart today, and will you lay down all of your issues? 

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One thought on “What You Must NOT Do (to Walk in Salvation)

  1. Dear Pastor’

    May the good Lord Jesus Christ bless you and keep you. My name is Enrique Sanchez, I reside in Virginia Beach, VA. I was introduce to your ministry by a good brother of mine in Christ, Antonio Christiano. Just wanted to share with you that my life hasn’t been all quite 100% totally committed to the Lord, but today the Lord spoke to my life by one of your radio sermons. I want to change for Jesus and do his will on whatever he wants me to do. Could you pray for me? I just want the Lord to reveal his plans for my life. Also, praying to find a home base for a Church. I hope I can visit your church one day.

    God bless you!!

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