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The Peaceful Fruit of Righteousness (August 14, 2016)

Today’s radio broadcast is the sermon from August 14, and we’re also including the broadcast below so you can listen to it, if you’ve not done so already.

Taking the Lord at His Word (Encore)

Is your faith a mere mental assent, or do you operate as if the promises of God are reality? God is willing to save and sanctify us completely. Do you believe it? Will you confess your pride, and let God do what he has promised?

The Bitterness of a Hard Heart (Encore)

God is willing to heal our land, forgive our sin, and hear our prayers. But he requires of us four actions: we must humble our hearts, seek his face, pray, and turn from our wicked ways. Like King Asa, we can begin with a humble heart and even see God move in great power in our lives, but we can allow ourselves to become so hardened by pride that we stubbornly refuse to seek God, and ultimately die in bitterness. Which way will you choose?

The Fall of the Church

In seeking to be relevant to the sinner, the modern American church has ceased to be relevant to Jesus Christ. She has lost the straight, honest call for repentance and righteousness. Would Jesus call you His friend, or are you still dipping into the filth of our degraded culture? Listen as Pastor Ray Greenley wraps up this month’s offertory and shares how the church is the very heart of God.

Two Roads to Holiness (January 2007)

Listen to this sermon from January 2007 and allow the Holy Spirit to show you which road you’re on. I believe this message will be helpful if you hear the cry of the Holy Spirit and allow Jesus to fully remove this Pharisaical spirit.

September 2016 Offertory

In today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray Greenley briefly shares the purpose of the broadcast before beginning an offertory day. Pilgrim’s Progress is a spiritual boot camp for those who have made the decision to follow Jesus no matter what it costs. Are you willing to go all the way with Jesus and enter through the gates of righteousness? (Given that there was no message, we won’t be posting the audio today but the video is available below.)

Faith and Works (James 2)

Sister Michelle’s welcome focuses upon the last part of Luke 1, where the focus is on the rhema given to Mary by the Holy Spirit. The sermon focuses on James 2:14-26. Words without action are cheap and God (as well as the devil) are concerned by what we do, not by what we say. Are your words and your deeds congruent?

Preparation for Revival, Part 2 (Encore)

Today’s sermon is Part 2 in the preparation for revival mini-series. Pastor Ray goes to John 17 to lay out Jesus plan for revival in your heart and mine. Will you allow Jesus to bring revival to your life and to those around you?

Preparation for Revival, Part 1 (Encore)

Today’s broadcast is the first part of a two part series on preparation for revival. Listen to Pastor Ray recount the short-lived revival that Elijah was part of and ask the Holy Spirit to show you if the groundwork for revival has been laid in your heart. The question that Elijah raised is still quite valid “How long will you hesitate between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow Him; but if Baal, follow him.” (New American Standard). The Hebrew word for hesitate literally means to skip or hop  (which implies that the people would skip or hop to whichever side was most beneficial).

(Note: Part 2 will be posted as a Saturday classic tomorrow.)

It’s All in What We Say (James 1, 3)

What does your tongue reveal about your spirit? The focus of the Christian’s heart is twofold: to care for those who cannot care for themselves, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. Do your words reveal this about your heart? Will you accept the noble call of the true gospel that lifts us out of poverty and division and into love and righteousness?

O Lord, My Strength (James 1)

Have you determined to leave all moral uncleanness and have the carnal nature totally removed? If you have, and Jesus is now the owner of your life, you must continue to humbly look into Jesus and allow him to expose your heart as it really is. We must do this to be saved. Are you willing to take that time in the prayer closet to really get to know Jesus? Will you repent and allow the divine strength of Jesus Christ to make you holy?

The Devil Is in the Expectations (James 1)

Expectations (of others and also ourselves) destroy the work of Christ in our hearts and are one of the primary tools of satan and his minions. When we willingly lay down our demands of how life should be and how other people should behave, we can walk in love and be totally cleansed from depravity and moral uncleanness through the precious blood of Jesus. Will you humble your heart today?

How Does Sin Function, and How Do I Deal with It?

The study of James continues today and Pastor Ray addresses this issue of sin and how it functions.  The root of America’s woes is found in sin. Have you dealt with this issue of sin in your life?

The Purpose of God (James 1)

This audio file contains the welcome by Sister Kathryn from Psalms 37 and the sermon on the purpose of God from James 1. Listen to the message and clearly hear God’s purpose for your life and mine, as clearly laid out by Pastor James. 

Being Born Again Is Not Enough (Romans 1 with Pastors Ray and Jan Greenley)

Using the text of a John Wesley sermon and Romans Chapters 1 and 6 (and many other scriptures), Pastors Ray and Jan explain why being born again is not enough. Listen closely and determine where you are in this process. I leave  you with the words of a chorus written by John Wesley.

“Break off the yoke of inbred sin, And fully set my spirit free! I cannot rest till pure within, Till I am wholly lost in Thee.”

Living as a Stranger in the Promised Land (August 7, 2016)

For those who are following via the Internet, we broadcast the welcome and sermon from August 7. Sister Kathryn talks about the parting of the red sea and Pastor Ray’s focus is upon this transition that we must make from that of a settler to a pioneer. There’s a transition we must make from seeking and following Jesus in the flesh to walking in the Spirit where we enter into Jesus.

No More ‘Buts’! (James 1)

During today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray shifts gears and focuses on a story from Chapter 3 of the book “Remarkable Miracles” by G.C. Bevington, a Holy Spirit evangelist.  Bevington would pray until he got an answer, which is what “praying through” means. Pastor Ray recounts his own experiences as well and the “but” (i.e. the excuses) must all be laid down. All you willing to lay down your excuses and wait before Jesus for the answer to that cry of your heart? (Note: We had no video for today’s broadcast.)

Putting off All Moral Uncleanness (James 1)

Today’s study in the book of James continues with the focus today being upon the issue of the sinning Christian and the skewing of the modern translations that imply you can never get the victory over sin. What do you believe the Gospel to be? Do you believe that there is a place where Jesus can bring us into complete victory, as reflected in the actual Greek?

Do You Fully Trust Jesus?

The study of James continues with the question will we trust Jesus to deliver us, to change us, to be the source of provision. If we do not fully believe Jesus, we will believe in something else whether that be our own abilities or some other thing. We must deal honestly with God anything that prevents us from fully trusting Him. Listen to the message and ask yourself the question as to whether or not you trust Jesus fully or not.

Stop Biting on the Devil’s Bait!

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray talks about the incredible increase of wickedness of America, as we have believed the devil’s bait. Can you see the wickedness abounding and great difficulties that America faces? It’s time that we see the devil’s bait for what it is and make a choice to walk free and clean through the precious blood of Jesus. (Note: We had some audio challenges with the YouTube video and it doesn’t contain the first 10 minutes of the broadcast.)

The Fellowship of Blood

Sister Michelle’s welcome and Pastor Ray’s sermon have been integrated into one file. Today’s welcome concerns the life of Elisha and the transition he made as God became real to him. The sermon deals with Jesus expectation that we endure the temptation to sin from beginning to end. Will you pray that God becomes real to you, so that you and I can make this transition?

The Sacrifice of Intercession (February 2005)

Today’s sermon is a follow-up from last Saturday’s broadcast. Using the story of Moses, Pastor Ray lays out the process where we become intercessors, as we come to fully abide in Christ. Listen to the sermon and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal how God wants to this process to occur in your own life (i.e. to make you an intercessor).

The Rhema of God (July 31, 2015)

On today’s broadcast, we compiled the Sunday sermon on the rhema of God, with the corresponding welcome from Sister Michelle using Hebrews 11. Both files were edited to fit the radio broadcast. Make a decision to stay under the rhema word of God to your life.

Melted in Prayer

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray discusses praying through the Lord’s prayer and how his heart is melted down during prayer. Is your heart melted down as you pray or is your heart cold and indifferent?

Is Your Soul Dying?

Today Pastor Ray asks the question “Is Your Soul Dying?” where this foreign parasite called sin has come to destroy you. This is truly a place where if Jesus doesn’t come, we will perish. If you’ve finally come to the end of yourself, you’ve arrived at a place where Jesus can meet you and transform but it will require a full giving of yourself into the hand of Jesus. Listen as the study of James continues!