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Programming and Study of Hebrews Updates

For those who didn’t hear on the radio, Pastor Ray will be returning to teach on July 11 Lord willing of course, when the study of Hebrews continues. If you look just below the title of this post, you’ll see a “tag” entitled “exposition of Hebrews.” Selecting this will highlight this post, as well as the 20 messages thus far on Hebrews. Our broadcasts are also available via iTunes and Google Play music or any type of podcasting application. We’re excited to hear what Jesus is doing in your hearts and lives. During this downtime, we will be including the Youtube video, if that’s available, as well as the broadcast itself. Peace to you dear ones!

Principles of Intercession (October 15, 2012)

During today’s encore broadcast, Pastor Ray recounts how the Holy Spirit began to teach him the principles of intercession. He also goes through how the Holy Spirit taught a dear brother named Rees Howells in that classic book entitled “Rees Howells: Intercessor.” Do you believe that God can and will move in the physical realm as we begin to seek His face and not His hand?

It’s Grow Up Time, Boys and Girls

Pastor Ray continues our study of Hebrews with the question “What does it mean to grow up in Jesus?” He also explains the deep meaning of Hebrews 6:4. The question that we all must answer will we heed the call to grow up into maturity in Jesus or not? After you listen to today’s message, you’ll no longer be able to claim ignorance as a basis for your lack of maturity.

A Message from God

In today’s message, Pastor Ray discusses about what salvation is. We must come into full agreement with God regarding our sin and not duck and dodge. There must be a frank and honest admission to God and to others regarding our true sin. Once we’re willing to do that and get very serious with God, He will begin to do amazing things in our hearts and minds. Listen to the message and resolve in your heart to get right with God, regardless of the cost.

June 2016 Offertory

For those who listen almost exclusively on the Internet, we’re posting today’s broadcast, which was an offertory (i.e. offering call). If you’ve been blessed by these messages and the Holy Spirit is prompting you to give, you can do so using the following address information:

The National Prayer Chapel
P.O. Box 2346
Woodbridge, VA 22195-2346

Please note: We don’t accept credit cards because Jesus only asks us to give out of what we have, not out of what we don’t have, so simply obey Him. God bless you!

Receiving from the Hand of the Lord

(NOTE: We lost the first couple of minutes due to some recording issues, which was a summary of last Sunday’s sermon.) Today’s sermon is another in the series on Elisha and the focus is upon the life of Gehazi, who chose to go after Naaman to get what he thought he was owed. His life is distinguished from the life of Elisha, who simply waited in the presence of the Lord. Pastor Ray provides his testimony where he made that decision to covenant with the Lord to choose to receive only from His hand, what He chose to provide and we have to make that same choice. Will we choose to receive only from the hand of the Lord or do we have to reach out and grab it ourselves?

The Kingdom of Cain (October 2006)

In today’s classic sermon, Pastor Ray distinguishes the “Life on God’s Terms” with the “Kingdom of Cain” who wanted to have be in charge of his own life. Despite Cain’s great sin, God still called after him and his call is that we lay down our lives in service to Him. Will you be a Cain or a Daniel? God never forces us to serve him but yet he continually calls us to lay down our lives to Him.

Life on God’s Terms (2006)

On today’s broadcast, we rebroadcast a sermon from 2006. Using the life of Daniel, Pastor Ray illustrates what it means to have our life on God’s terms and what that actually looks like.  In our self-centered culture, we’ve wanted to make our life about us and most of our life is not actually about us but rather what God wants to do through us. That’s the call from Jesus to live our life on His terms. What will you do???

We Have Seen the LIFE!

Pastor Ray continues the study of Hebrews today and the call to grow up in Jesus, which is one of the central themes in the book of Hebrews. The call is to be crucified with Christ, with a wholehearted pursuit of Jesus and the willingness to be transformed by His precious blood.  Isn’t it time to go on from the milk to solid food? It’s time to move on to maturity (perfection, completion).

Growing Up in Jesus

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray continues the study of Hebrews. In the modern church, there’s no sense of any linear movement in the Christian life, only a life of religious rituals. The unspoken but implied belief is that there is no victory over sin in the Christian life. Listen to the broadcast and hear about the linear nature of the Gospel, Jesus doesn’t leave us to die in our sin. Jesus came to sózó (save) us.

Walk by the Words of Jesus

We must measure our lives by the words of Jesus and His supernatural work and not by what we think or feel.  Pastor explains the process of being saved, through the story of Peter and the infirmed woman in Luke 13. He also explains and distinguishes atonement versus redemption. Listen to the message slowly and let the Holy Spirit teach you.

Jesus Saves Completely

Pastor Ray continues the exposition of Hebrews with his focus being on a systematic presentation of the Gospel, which is not the gnostic gospel of the modern American church. Listen closely to the message today and all of the Biblical references, which are included as tags. Do you want Jesus to save you completely from your sin?

Secrets of the Heart

Pastor Ray lays out what the word of God does as we mature in Jesus. It uncovers those poison pills (or things that would do us or others harm) and uncovers those secret treasures that we can cling to. He uses the story of Naaman, the great commander of Aram 2 Kings 5) to illustrate the process that God wants to take us through, to grow us into men and women of God.

The Language of Prayer (July 7, 2005)

On today’s sermon classic, Pastor Ray lays out the call of the Holy Spirit for the National Prayer Chapel and walks quickly through the model prayer, the Lord’s Prayer. May His kingdom come and His will be done in your life as you fully submit to Jesus.

Breaking the Stalemate(s) with God (2007)

On today’s encore broadcast, you’ll learn experientially what it means to “pray through.”  As Jesus calls us out of this culture of wickedness and into His light, stalemates will most likely arise as God wants to deal with our behavior and we want to God to intervene in some very specific way. The devil will use these stalemates to get you to side with Him and become the accuser as He is but you do not need this to occur. Will you resolve in your heart that through the power of the blood of Jesus to allow Him to break every stalemate?  It’s time to be victorious in Jesus.

Removing the Disconnection from Jesus to Unrighteousness

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray continues the study in Hebrews, with the focus being upon the disconnection from Jesus to unrighteousness. There must be an unbroken connection between our daily lives and our walk with Jesus Christ, so that there is no separation in our hearts.

The Work of Christ

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray unveils the anti-Christ spirit that pervades the highest levels of our government, most major corporations, false religions and has swept over the modern American church with the intent to destroy the Judeo-Christian culture and the work is nearly complete. It’s time for the work of Christ to be done in the church of Jesus Christ, to rescue us from the present evil age.

The Gateway of God

Pastor Ray begins in Deuteronomy and then moves to discuss the Islamic caliphate but then focuses upon the impending judgment upon America. The hedge of God protecting America is slowly being removed. He then goes to discuss those who failed to enter into God’s rest due to their self-willed disobedience. Have you entered into the gateway of God laid out in Hebrews 4?

That We Might Receive Mercy

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray continues the study of Hebrews. As the children of Israel opted to worship Baal and self-absorption, God brought adversaries. It’s simply one of God’s ways that He will always oppose the proud, and the judgments become more pronounced as the hedge of God is removed. Have you denied that the blood of Jesus has the power to transform you? We must decide whether we will repent and allow God to rescue us or we will be swept away in judgement.

The Most Difficult Decision

The invitation of Jesus is to lay down our lives, take up our cross and follow Him, which means that I must fully trust in Jesus and enter into His rest. We are continually tested to see whether we will simply trust Jesus and wait on Him or whether we will attempt to make our way. Will you fully entrust your life and all of its circumstances into the hand of God or do you still want to be in charge of your own life?

Walk in the Light of Jesus!

Sister Kathryn, following John Chapter 1, talks about walking in the light of Jesus. We must choose to walk in the glorious light of Jesus or walk in the darkness of the devil. It’s a continuous choice that we must make.

The Way of Ishmael (August 1, 2004)

Today’s classic sermon is one on the way of Ishmael. As Abram and Sarai waited for the promise of God to be fulfilled in their life together, they grew impatient and opted for creating an Ishmael. Learn what this means and allow conviction to come so that this self-reliant spirit can be removed by the blood of Jesus. Jesus wants us to trust in His promises, not in our ability to create for ourselves. Are you trusting in Jesus to create all things in your life or are you trusting in your ability to make it through?

Come near the Throne of Grace

Today’s broadcast continues with the exposition of Hebrews 4.  Here’s the key verses: Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that rest, so that no one will perish by following their example of disobedience.For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. (Hebrews 4:11-12).