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Blessed Is the One Who Does Not Quit

As the Holy Spirit begins to fully subdue us, it will be a time of great anguish of heart. Make a covenant with Jesus to fully trust Him and to not quit and let Him have full reign in every area of your life. It’s been too easy to quit in the midst of suffering and pain and seemingly no change of heart. There is suffering involved when we fully give ourselves into the hand of Jesus but there’s great joy and sweetness. This sermon was preached three months before our beloved Pastor Jan went home to be with Jesus. Determine to go all the way with Jesus and He will bring you through!

The Word Shall Go Forth (Encore)

Today’s encore broadcast is about billionaire David Green of Hobby Lobby. He is the single largest donor of Christian causes living today and finances the Kingdom of God. God entrusted this one man with billions of dollars so that His Word may reach the nations in these end times. Listen to how one family has responded to the will of God and in turn, have become a blessing to millions. You won’t believe the current project they are undertaking for the Lord bearing a cost of over $400,000,000. Be inspired to take action and respond to God. This one family refuses to give into fatalism. They have learned that they can make an impact for Jesus, as they simply yield to Him.  Will you yield to God’s plan for your life?

Walking in the Light (1 John 1)

Today’s message focuses on “walking in the light,” (See 1 John 1) and it’s not a quick or shallow issue. During the first part of the broadcast, Pastor Ray talks about the life of John Fletcher, who will be the subject of a future broadcast. Today’s primary focus is on the life on a dear man named Gerhard Tersteegen and his dogged pursuit of holiness. He proclaimed four keys to revival and I’ll leave you with a brief quote with sums up his pursuit of God: “We must depart from ourselves in order to enter into Him. This exit and entrance is the basis and most essential act of godliness because by it, we restore to God what is His-I mean ourselves, thoroughly, wholly and irrevocably. If this departure and this entrance be neglected, our godliness is little worth, and is only a shadow without the substance.”

The Wonder of Jesus Christ (Encore)

In this message, Pastor Ray talks about the wonder of Jesus and what He is doing at present in your life and mine. Listen to the broadcast and be encouraged to follow Jesus! The good news is that Jesus ultimately  wins!

Miguel Molinos, The Priest of Holiness

There must be a time and place where we come into a place where we can fully rest in Jesus and we’re no longer medicated by the things of this world. Miguel taught that the soul is the center, habitation and kingdom of God. He believed that the temple of God cannot be pure in the absence of peace. That peace only comes as we fully give ourselves solely to Jesus Christ. Listen to this story and be both convicted and encouraged to enter in to His rest.

Found in Christ Jesus (Romans 6 and 8)

Pastor Ray primarily focuses on Romans 8 to lay out what it looks like to walk in the Spirit versus walking in the flesh. The flesh feeds off of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and there must be a great subduing of the flesh (symbolized by Sodom and Gomorrah). We instead must feast on the tree of Life, who is Jesus.

Lot is an example of someone walking in the flesh who had no power in his flesh to confront wickedness, even within his own family. We must walk in the Spirit, which is synonymous with walking with Jesus (see Romans 8:1). Cry out for understanding and allow the Holy Spirit to draw this line of demarcation between walking in the Spirit versus walking in the flesh. (NOTE: We had some technical problems with the first minute or so of the sermon, so please read Romans 6 as you begin to listen.)

Thorns of Destruction (Matthew 25 and Mark 4) (May 26, 2005)

In this sermon, the Holy Spirit illuminates the Parable of the Ten Virgins through the prism of the Parable of the Sower. May we be found with oil in our lamps and not asleep. Are you one of the ten virgins who are sleeping? It’s time to awaken from your slumber and ensure that these thorns of destruction are burned.

Planted in Jesus (May 22, 2005)

Using Mark 4, Pastor Ray talks about what it means to be planted in Jesus. Given the focus this week on the parable of the sower, this sermon is a great reminder of what it means to be planted in Jesus. May you decide to be deeply planted in Jesus, it’s a precious sermon. Don’t you want your roots to be in Jesus?

The Practical Walk with Jesus (Part 2) (Encore)

In this broadcast, Pastor Ray continues talking about this practical walk with Jesus that is foreign to many who call themselves Christians in the western world. It’s radically different than what virtually all of us have been taught. Listen and cry out for understanding, so that you may begin in earnest to walk with Jesus.

The Suffering Servant (Luke 8 and Hebrews 2)

In today’s broadcast, the fourth in a series on the impending judgment of God upon America using the four soils described in the parable of the sower, Pastor Ray talks about the last two kinds of soil using Luke 8. We must not only choose to be separated from all sin but we must be divorced from it. Victory will not come from a trial separation from sin. This divorce will bring intense suffering, along with great joy and peace as well. Cry out for understanding because Jesus intent for your heart and mine is to destroy all the works of the devil. Let Jesus bring you through into full victory by the power of His mighty blood. Refuse to no longer comfort yourself in anything the devil would throw your way and endure whatever suffering is necessary to be fully planted in Jesus.

The Gift of Losing My Will (Luke 8)

Pastor Ray continues the illumination of the parable of the sower in Luke Chapter 8. The key to the parable of the sower is a willingness to suffer, as we deny ourselves take up our cross and follow Jesus. It’s dealing with that inner pain of our hearts and choosing to no longer satiate ourselves with something to numb the pain with whatever our drug of course has been. We must simply come and put down our roots in Jesus. There’s a work of circumcision that we must allow Jesus to do, as the Holy Spirit unveils those things we’ve used to avoid that intense suffering. Make that choice to be rooted in Jesus today.

Parable of the Sower (Mark 4)

Today’s broadcast, as well as tomorrow’s broadcast, begin to deal with the parable of the sower in Mark 4. We must make that decision to be good soil with the full realization that it will cost everything for that to happen. Listen to the message and make a determination in your heart to fully give everything into His hand.

The Death of America (Romans 10-12)

Just a brief programming note, beginning immediately we are going to include the primary scripture in the title of the broadcast (or sermon), which will ultimately enable you to search by scripture.

Today’s broadcast is an expansion of the Sunday Sermon, which focuses on the judgment of God upon America if the church fails to fully turn to the Lord God of heaven. The broadcast today focuses on why this is so and what God is after. Will you earnestly cry out to Jesus for Him to reign down righteousness upon America or will you be caught up in your own issues and leave this to someone else to do? It’s time to get exceedingly serious with Jesus.

The End of America

Earlier this week, Dr. Michael Savage, a secular Jew issued this announcement on his nationally syndicated broadcast: “Unless Christianity receives a new enthusiasm that sweeps the Western world, and Christianity itself rises up against the forces against it,” he said, “the entire West will collapse in your lifetime.”

There must be a resurgence of the Gospel message and we must become like Blind Bartimaeus crying out for Jesus to not pass us by. We are much like the crowd in that we somehow think we’re okay but we’re not fully aware of our blindness. We must determine in our hearts to have a single-mindedness to seek Jesus while there is still time. I pray that you have ears to ear the still small voice of the Holy Spirit today.

Planted in Jesus!

Today’s sermon is dedicated to a dear one, who has by God’s grace been planted in Jesus. I pray that this message is an encouragement to those planted in Jesus and will provide a confrontation to those planted in anything other than Jesus. May we all be fully planted in Him!

The Practical Walk with Jesus (Part 1) (Encore)

We apologize for the delay in this post but it was from Friday’s radio broadcast and focuses on the practical aspects of our walk with Jesus. How does that look, how does it operate and Jesus comes to us through the Holy Spirit to teach us how to walk with Him? We must deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Jesus but how does that actually work? We must flee from the City of Destruction and go through the narrow or groaning gate. Listen to the broadcast and cry out for understanding as to what it means to walk with Jesus.

The Life of James Turner

This broadcast deals with the life of James Turner, a dear Scottish man from the 19th century, who was powerfully used by God. There are many remarkable things about his walk with Jesus but the chief one is his brutal honesty before God and to himself. There’s no real heart change without this transparency. Listen and make that choice to get honest before God and allow Him access to that inner part of your heart.

(NOTE: We didn’t receive the audio file from the radio station, so we had to modify the youtube video for the mp3. We will switch this out once we receive it.)

True Grace

Using Titus Chapter 2, 1 Peter Chapter 5 and Hebrews Chapter 11, Pastor Ray explicitly describes what true grace is and what it is not. In the modern Gnostic American church, grace has been falsely described as a covering for sin, which implies that death is somehow is our Savior. Listen to the message and resolve in your heart to go all the way through to victory with Jesus Christ, despite whatever suffering and difficulties you may face, Jesus is worth it!

The Secret of Being Nothing

Edward Payson
Edward Payson

The focus of today’s broadcast is on this critical topic of pride. Listen to the story of Edward Payson and 1 Peter 5, how God dealt with his pride and ultimately emptied him. God wants you and I to be a nothing, to live only for his approval and to no longer “be somebody.” Will you let Jesus do that work in your heart?

Wholly Given Up to God!

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Freeborn Garrettson

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray discusses the life of a dear brother named Freeborn Garrettson, a contemporary of John Wesley and George Whitfield. In the broadcast, he details the marvelous transition this brother made in dying to self and fully giving himself fully into the hand of Jesus, it’s a very sweet story as you might expect.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Brother Freeborn himself to whet your appetite. “I want to live and die at the footsteps of the blessed Jesus. O what a bright grace is humility. I want more of it. I’m not saved from ignorance or shortcomings, neither from mistakes and infirmities of various kinds. Yet I believe it to be a Christian’s privilege to love God with an undivided heart and his neighbor as himself. Amen!


The Entrance Fee at the Gates of Righteousness

In this sermon, Pastor Ray describes and distinguishes the walks of King Asa and King Jehoshaphat. It’s so easy to become proud under the blessing of the Lord and to think that we’re somebody. The greatest task God has given us is to utterly disown ourselves and avoid the temptation to create our own holiness. God has to bring us to the end of ourselves, oftentimes by judgment, where there’s an intense desire and need for Jesus to intervene. Will you let God create this exigency to disown your life? Do you need Jesus to rescue you? His heart is to rescue but we must disown our life first.

A House Divided? (May 16, 2004)

Using Matthew 12 and the parable of the sower, Pastor Ray discusses about when there is a divided house (a divided soul who can’t decide whether to walk with Jesus or to walk with the world). There must be an entire separation from the world and we must allow the Holy Spirit to search our hearts and reveal any unplowed ground, so that the thorns may be removed. Are you trying to hide in an illusory middle ground? Resolve in your heart to no longer be divided. Jesus’ heart is to give you the victory!

Consider Yourself Dead to Sin (Encore)

In today’s encore broadcast, Pastor Ray encourages us to look at the cause/effect relationship of sin. This cause/effect nature of sin has been clouded by our feelings. God’s grace enables us to say no to sin. Do you want to live a new life in Jesus free of sin? That’s what was Jesus wants to give you through His power, although we must be crucified with Christ. Be encouraged to give Him everything!