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No Longer Self-Centered (Encore)

We apologize for the delay in posting this one, we had an issue with the recording and had to use a back-up recording, so the quality is a bit lower. The topic at hand is focuses on the end to the self life. Pastor Ray focuses on a chapter in that wonderful book “Rees Howells Intercessor” (Chapter 7) of how God worked that out in Rees’ heart. Will you allow Jesus to remove all selfishness from your heart as you listen?

March 2016 Offertory and Introduction to Robert Aitken

Thank you to all who made continuation of the radio broadcast possible at the call of the Holy Spirit! The offertory consists of about half of the broadcast, the other half serving as an introduction to the life of Robert Aitken in the series of books entitled “They Knew Their God“. He knew that he had been converted but he was hungry for much, much more. Please listen and hear the cry of his heart and may his cry become your own.

Stop Fighting God’s Work! (June 23, 2005)

This is the first sermon we’ve uploaded from Pastor Jan Greenley, who went home to be with Jesus in May 2010. She had boldness and a God-given ability to swing the sword. The sermon correlates to Monday’s broadcast. God brought Joseph to that dark night of his soul, when he was thrown into the pit. In that pit, Joseph made a determination to stop fighting God’s work. Surely that same thing happened to Peter, after he denied Jesus three times. Will you stop fighting God’s work in your heart and let Him have the victory?

Follow Me Then!

It was very difficult to hear this broadcast again, but to let you know that the problems have been rectified. In this broadcast, Pastor Ray lays out the story of Peter being fully restored in John 21. Do you agápeJesus (i.e. love Jesus with a self-sacrificing love) or are there things that you agápe more (e.g. your family, your job, etc.)? This love is a self-sacrificing love where we lay down our lives for those around us.

Make this choice to fully love Jesus today.

Isn’t Jesus Amazing?

In today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray discusses the resurrection of Jesus and specifically Peter’s struggles as he denied Jesus three times. In the midst of extremely painful circumstances, Peter made the choice to fully surrender to Jesus after he had come to the utter end of himself. Jesus went to the heart issue of Peter where he wanted to please others and wanted to be accepted. Jesus must bring us to an absolute end of ourselves where we must enter the night of our soul, which is where we utterly face our lostness before a Holy God. In that dark night, we must finally determine in our hearts whether we will fully serve and give ourselves fully to Jesus or will we be a Judas, who is bitter and angry because Jesus failed to meet his expectations.

Will you allow Jesus to bring you to the end of yourself where I pray you will conclude that “Isn’t Jesus Amazing?” like Peter or will you be a Judas, that choice is yours for eternity? I pray you make the decision the prodigal son made (which was the same as Peter’s decision) to not be a pig but simply heed the call to be a son. In that painful place, you will be able to know in your heart beyond the shadow of any doubt that Jesus is amazing!! Amen to the Holy name of Jesus!

03-28-2016 – A Brief Programming Note

We want to encourage you to download a podcasting application, in order to view the broadcasts and sermon classics. Here’s a link to the prior post on this topic.  We are working to make all of these materials available on iTunes but that work is not yet complete. We will make an announcement, once we’re able to do that. In addition, we’re working to provide high quality mp3s again but will be posting broadcasts as soon as we can (at a lower quality level) and then uploading the higher end files as we receive them from the radio station. We earnestly covet and appreciate your prayers during this brief transition.

Updated 8:15 pm: Jesus is faithful, we’ve improve the broadcasts quality quite a bit thanks to some help from our radio station. The quality is improving and thank you for your patience!

The Revolutionary Resurrection!

The word revolutionary is defined as tending to produce a revolution. Revolution is simply the motion of a body round any fixed point or center. After our crucifixion, Jesus brings to a place where our lives totally revolve around Him and His body (i.e., the church). There’s such an incredible work that Jesus wants to do in us, if we’ll simply yield and surrender to Him. May the Holy Spirit quicken this word to your heart. Jesus doesn’t call us to condemn us but simply to leave everything and follow Him.

Jesus primary interest is about the church, the ones who are following Him and He is preparing our hearts for eternity. Will you allow Him full access and control over your life? I pray that the faith of God will grip your heart and that you will grab this word. Be encouraged and be fully given to Jesus!

When My Heart Grows Weary (March 20, 2008)

In this sermon, Pastor Ray encourages us to not allow any distance between our hearts and God’s heart. If you seek God, you will find him. God never gives up on your soul, even though bitterness and anguish may rise in our hearts. Pastor Ray recounts the heart of Jesus and the Holy Spirit unfolds Psalms 22, which describes the inner feelings of Jesus as he experienced Gethsemane and death on the cross. Be greatly encouraged as you listen to this short sermon and don’t give up, fully surrender to Jesus!

No More Fiat Christianity! (Encore)

Using a reading from the great revivalist Charles Finney, Pastor Ray asks the question if we have a “fiat” Christian life, that is not backed by anything other than religious gibberish and wishful intentions. We must must all face the great white throne of judgment and our actions will be judged. Have you thought your intellectual information, even if true, would true would save you? Will you honestly come before God and hungrily search after Jesus?

We Must Decrease in the Garden of Gethsemane

Pastor Ray talks about the familiar story of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane but please be cognizant of two things to consider as you listen:

  1. Prayerfully listen and consider the story afresh,
  2. Honestly face before God any divide between what you think you may know and how you actually live.

In addition, he provides a more experiential definition of theology that you should consider as well, rather than the cultural “head knowledge” that can lead to great revelation but little love, only condemnation toward others. Here’s a brief explanation of this experiential study of theology.

  1. Confession of truth (who is Jesus) received by revelation (i.e. a rhema word),
  2. Reflecting on this revelation and how it impacts your life (i.e. What does Jesus want from my life (practically speaking)?)
  3. Putting into practice what you’ve been taught (i.e. congruence, your walk and talk must fully match).

Where is your heart today, have you been utterly given over to Jesus?

Samuel Brengle (Part 2 of 2)

(The first 10 seconds or so of the streaming audio did not properly stream, so please continue to pray that all of the technical challenges would be resolved.)

This story is about the life of Samuel Logan Brengle from the “They Knew Their God, Volume 1” and how he came into the gift of entire sanctification and Pastor Ray describes his own experience of entire sanctification. Samuel Brengle describes where the Holy Spirit brought him to a utter crisis, where God utterly broke Him and filled him with the love of God. In our modern culture, we’ve worshiped self-love and haven’t seen its uncleanness. The Holy Spirit quickened this scripture from 1 John. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Have you allowed the Holy Spirit to do this great work in your heart?

Samuel Brengle (Part 1 of 2)

This is Samuel’s direct testimony of entire sanctification from the only known recording of him (from 1920). You may need to increase the volume a bit but it’s well worth the listen as someone’s spoken words tend to have more weight than just the written word. This has been to edited down to less than two minutes.

Life of Elizabeth Baxter

(NOTE: We’re still having issues with the sound quality of the broadcasts,but we’ve received an updated file from the radio station, so the quality is much improved. There is no corresponding video with this broadcast.)

This is another broadcast focusing on one of the stories from “They Knew Their God, Volume 1” by Lillian and Edwin Harvey. This dear saint discovered the secret that Jesus is the source of all, He is the bread of life. Our role is simply to trust and obey Him. Elizabeth made this transformation from “I am” it’s all about me to that of the real “I am” the all powerful God, have you allowed God to do this great work in your heart?


Isaac Marsden, Earnest Merchant Preacher

Using the story of Isaac Marsden, Pastor Ray asks you to make that same resolution made by Isaac when he was resolved that if there was a Heaven, he would gain it, and if there was a Hell, he would shun it. Finally, the Holy Spirit showed him who he was and he was born from above. God removed all sin from this dear man’s heart and he wants to do the same for you. WIll you allow Him to do that work in your heart? Jesus wants to make you righteous, will you have all that Jesus wants to give to you?

The House of God

Using the story of the paralytic, which is present is in the synoptic gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke, Pastor Ray explains that the kingdom of God has come! The kingdom of God means the ruling authority of God. No sin has the power to stand against the blood of Jesus! Is there part of your life where you are still paralyzed? If so, Jesus wants to set you free where He removes the sin and makes you righteous. You’ll have to listen for the hidden promise in John 14, but I assure you it’s worth the listen. Glory be to Jesus, the one with power and authority over all the works of the devil!

Lazarus, Come Forth! (July 6, 2006)

This is the story of Lazarus, the life of suffering as we surrender and fully give ourselves fully into the hands of Jesus. What the Lord does in our lives is not about us, it’s about the salvation of the lost. Is it alright that Jesus chooses your path? Listen to the call of Lazarus and the call for you and me.  Let Jesus uncover any hidden sin and get the victory fully in your life.

Do Your Walk and Your Talk Match? (Encore)

This is almost a companion to the 3-17 broadcast, despite it being an encore broadcast but the question of the Holy Spirit poses to each of us is quite clear, “Does Your Christian Walk and Talk Match?” or do I say one thing and do another. That’s a critical question to ask in prayer. The heart of Jesus is to bring us to a place where what we say and what we do are totally congruent and that allows the Holy Spirit to give us great boldness to simply do what He asks us to do and to proclaim his word. Where is your heart today?

Felix Neff, The Brainerd of the High Alps

Felix Neff

Today’s broadcast is another story from the book “They Knew Their God” written by Edwin and Lillian Harvey. God used this young man, who was utterly sold out to Jesus Christ, in a glorious and precious way. Listen to this story and let the Holy Spirit bring great conviction or great comfort to your heart, depending on where you heart is with Jesus. I’ll leave you with a very thought-provoking quote from this young man for you to ponder as you listen.

“To those who have found rest to their souls in Jesus Christ, but those whose spiritual life has gradually become feeble and languishing, I say without hesitation that this evil arises from their neglect of prayer and meditation. They are content to know these things without practicing them. They speak of the grace of God, but they seek it not. They know Jesus Christ, but they do not cultivate a close communion with Him. They do not seek Christ in their closets.”

William Bramwell, Apostle of Prayer

(NOTE: We are back with new broadcasts but are still experiencing some technical issues. We lost some of this broadcast and the sound quality isn’t quite up to par. Please be patient as we work with WAVA to address these issues.)

Today’s broadcast is the first in the series from a wonderful set of books entitled “They Knew Their God” (see top of page for more info). It deals with the life of William Bramwell, who knew and experienced the wonderful gift of entire sanctification, are you willing to cry out to Jesus for this precious gift, knowing that it will cost you everything?

Disappointed by Jesus? (May 20, 2007)

Pastor Ray talks about how the disciples were utterly disappointed by Jesus as His crucifixion became readily apparent and their hopes of an earthly kingdom were utterly destroyed. His disciples had many false expectations. In our culture, we’ve depicted Jesus as  a “cotton-candy Jesus,” (i.e. a benevolent father-figure who only cares about meeting our needs and expectations) which has created many false expectations that we must face as we are crucified with Christ.  As the disciples made it all about themselves and who would be the greatest among themselves, surely we’ve done the same thing, to a much greater extent.

The real issue in the sermon is not whether or not you will be disappointed by Jesus, you certainly will be to some degree (due to all of the lies that permeate the modern American church) but the question is whether you will entrust (or intrust) yourself into the hands of Jesus? Will you entrust everything into the hand of Jesus despite your disappointments?

A new WAVA Radio Station in the works!

Good Evening National Prayer Chapel Family,

You may have wondered why we haven’t had a live radio broadcast these last few weekdays.

Over the last week, the WAVA Radio Station, here in the DC Area, has been relocating physical buildings.  The move has necessitated the use of encore presentations.  While we hoped to broadcast live today, there was another delay.

We hope to be broadcasting live tomorrow (Tuesday, March 15th).  We ask for your continued prayers and to listen to the Sunday Sermon which Pastor Jim Kerwin preached to the congregation.

We love you all!

Circumcision, a Type of Sanctification

In this sermon, Pastor Jim details one of the three facets of sanctification.  Sanctification is simply that work of God that makes us holy as Jesus is holy. The three elements are consecration, where we fully give everything into the hand of God, followed by purification which is something that only God can do as well as the perfect love that God puts in our hearts.

Today’s sermon focuses on the mighty work of circumcision, which is something that Jesus does in our heart as we trust him and fully consecrate ourselves to Him.  This is where the root of sin is utterly removed in our hearts. Listen to the message and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal where your heart is in this journey.

The Lord Will Provide! (November 9, 2004)

In this sermon, Pastor Ray lays out the self-reliance of Abraham and how God ultimately transformed him. He was not unlike us, who have seen self-reliance as a virtue and not for what it actually is (i.e. pride). The Holy Spirit always goes for the root of sin, will you allow Him to expose and remove that in your heart today? Will you trust Jesus to be your provider or do you still want to be a little god?

Learning to Wait on God (June 22, 2014)

Although this isn’t one of the older sermons and not a classic in that sense of the word, it’s buried with all of the content here. One of the more difficult things to do as a follower of Jesus for most of us I believe is learning to wait for God. We’ve learned such trite phrases as “be all you can be” or “if it’s going to be, it’s up to me” that are contrary to the ways of God. Let the Holy Spirit teach you how to wait on God as you listen to this sermon.

Provoked to Pray! (2004)

This is an outstanding sermon on the topic of prayer. We don’t pray unless we must pray or perish. The time is quickly approaching where we must hear from God, simply to be able to survive. One of the great gifts of God is barrenness and famine, where we need to cry out, as we cannot deliver ourselves. Where is your heart today, has God provoked you to pray or have you believed the lie that you’re the man or the woman?