Where Can I Find More Sermons or Broadcasts???

If you have had difficulty in finding additional sermons, please go to the top of the page and select, “Do You Need More Sermons?” (Note: The download command is at the bottom of the very long page for now, but any sermon can be streamed or downloaded.) The last 150 are also available for streaming on the right side of the website.
Our internet radio is working and is on the right side of the webpage and the bottom of the page. Simply click the Pilgrim’s Progress logo, and it will automatically play the last three sermons or broadcasts. You can access internet radio without an internet connection by calling (641) 793-9914.

One thought on “Where Can I Find More Sermons or Broadcasts???

  1. For myself listening to a song before the Pastor Ray’s message on the live vidieo broadcast as well as audio rebroadcast helps me to transition from the craziness of the world to focus on the Word from the Bible and allows me to focus on Pastor’s Ray’s daily message. Please include the song he has prepared from the live video into his audio rebroadcast ‘s as well. Thank you

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