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The End of the Double Life (Encore)

Using this same story from “Remarkable Miracles” intermingled with scriptures and personal experience,  Pastor Ray describes the process of “praying through” as the old-timers described.  As the dear doctor and his family “prayed through” to victory, which took an extremely intense period of prayer, the victory comes by the blood of Jesus. You can only walk this path, as you are willing to forgive, repent, make restitution, lead by the Holy Spirit. If you are willing to pay this price, then the Lord Jesus will bring you through to victory by the blood of Jesus. Jesus wants to end the double life in you. Wll you yield to the Holy Spirit to allow this work to be completed in you?

Double-Minded No More? (Encore)

(This is a continuation from Monday’s broadcast.) We all have a decision to make to fully make that Jesus is Lord of all. That decision must be made, while we are yet alive.  Listen to this story from Brother Bevington and this precious doctor who made the decision to end his double-mindedness. What will you do?

Healed by Jesus in the Way That Jesus Chooses (Encore)

Jesus has the power to heal and restore. Using the story from Brother Bevington, and the story of Pastor Jan, the sweetheart and partner of Pastor Ray, he describes the process. God’s healing must be done His way in His own time. Brother Bevington was healed of broken ribs and Pastor Jan was fully healed and left this world to be with Jesus. Do you believe that Jesus has the power to heal you?

I Must Have Jesus (Encore)

In this broadcast, Pastor Ray recounts a story from the incredible book entitled “Remarkable Miracles” by G.C. Bevington. A dear man was healed by the power of Jesus of a number of maladies, despite the ill man’s unbelief. Stand by faith and see the power of God move in your life and allow the Holy Spirit to burn away any unbelief in your heart.

The Way Of Wisdom

We’ve believed the lie from the garden of Eden that we can be like God. It’s evident from the scriptures that if we fail to shun evil, it’s because we have no fear of God. Through the story of Abram (Abraham), let the Holy Spirit unfold for you the process whereby we can be made righteous. Let us determine in our hearts that we will create no more Ishmaels and learn the way of God’s wisdom.

What Is the Bedrock of the Gospel? (Encore)

In America, we built one lie upon another, resulting in a confused church with no victory over sin. Make no mistake that the foundational truth is that there is victory over sin by the precious blood of Jesus. Any reformation or revival that states otherwise is not the gospel (i.e. not good news). Is your life built upon a bedrock of lies or upon the precious blood of Jesus?

How Do We Escape a Burning World? (Encore)

Our only means of escaping the wickedness of this world, is by crucifixion and union to Jesus. If we walk under sin, we’re still under the law. Listen to the exposition of Romans and determine in your heart that you will leave this prison planet, through the dynamite power of God, made available to you by the blood of Jesus. Throw off the lie of the sinning Christian and leave this burning world today.

There Are No Part-Time Christians

Jesus is calling you to drink his blood and eat his flesh, as he wishes to become your sustenance. He wants to become the source for all things in our lives. Will you allow him to make this a reality in your life?

The Secret Gift of God the Father

The most wonderful gift that God can gift to us is the gift of forgiveness, where our hearts are purified from all sin. He births righteousness in us but it requires that we allow Him to hollow us out as we give everything over to Him. No gift compares to Jesus dying on the cross but he has given us another gift as well, which is His intimacy, as we allow Him to remove the wickedness from our hearts.

The Death to the Sentimental Christmas

In America, we created an amalgam of the pagan roots of the Winter Solstice, a pagan practice that exists in almost every culture around the world, along with the birth of Jesus. The result has been catastrophic for the church. It’s important to remember that Jesus came to save us from our sins. Will you allow the Holy Spirit to delineate the false sentiment of Jesus with the celebration of the birth of Jesus and allow Jesus to pour through you this holiday season?

A God of Action

God is a God of action, not passivity and if we wish to become His servants we too will become active as we search the scriptures to stand on the promises of God. God’s work is to destroy the works of the devil and our part in that is to stand on his promises. People don’t pray because they don’t need anything from God. Will you begin to cultivate a spirit of prayer to allow the Holy Spirit to determine what keeps you from being one with Jesus?

Are You Saved? (Encore)

If we are to be saved, we must be saved out of all sin. In this modern culture, we’ve simply intellectualized it, thereby deceiving ourselves. The great lie is that a man can be saved and remain in his sin. Are you still sinning or are you saved out of it?

How Do I Become a Christian?

We can only become a participant in the divine nature through the great and precious promises in the Bible. We take hold of the promise and then God begins to stand on us. May Jesus transform us as we stand on the God’s promises, that’s the only way that our hearts are transformed.

The Lie of Positional Righteousness

Why is the church largely devoid of righteousness, despite the large number of churches and proliferation of Bibles and all sorts of religious information? There’s an obvious disconnect between the Christian church and the scriptures. Is it possible that the church has believed in the lie of positional righteousness? Listen to the story of Abraham and how God made him righteous.

Do You Really Care about Jesus?

The answer of our heart to this fundamental question will determine whether we abide in Jesus or in the law. If we walk in sin, we are dwelling in and under the law, and it is manifest that we do not genuinely care about Jesus. Will you allow Jesus to make you righteous and transform you so that you no longer care about anything that He does not care about? This is a painful work that only Jesus can do as we are crucified with Him.

The Righteous Will Live by Faith

We must decide to totally enter Jesus, where He is the source and center of our lives in ALL things or going out and creating things in our own strength, trying to create our own reality apart from Jesus. We cannot walk our own way and have Jesus as well, may we fully and continually surrender to Him.

The Emperor (Church) Has No Clothes (Encore)

A recitation of the infamous tale written by Hans Christian Anderson and a frightening parallel between this fable and the lie of the modern church regarding imputed righteousness. Are you willing to deal with your nakedness or will you simply be like the king and his minions, who were self-deceived.

Jesus wants to impart his righteousness to us and deliver us out of our sin. The righteousness of Jesus is imparted as a free gift as we are crucified with Christ, so we need not be naked. What is your decision today?

The Battle against Apollyon

Christian, the primary person in the famous allegory entitled Pilgrim’s Progress, faces Apollyon (the devil) for the battle of his very soul. Most in the modern church refuse to engage in this battle. Will you allow Jesus to make you more than a conqueror or will you swept away in your unconsciousness?

Why Is the Modern American Church so Dead?

We’ve hidden the deadness of the modern church, through a veil of smoke and mirrors, ranging from such things as dead orthodoxy to special speakers to worldly entertainment. The deadness is simply a fruit of our refusal to deal with sin. That deadness can only be removed as we allow Jesus to change and transform us.

The War Has Already Begun

We who are Christians are already at war with Apollyon or Satan, and his minions. This war must be fought in the Spirit, not in the power of our own flesh. We must deal with all of our sin and engage in this struggle for righteousness. Wake up and engage in this battle today!

Entering into the Kingdom of God

Despite the popular perception, it is NOT easy into the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is the authority of God, which He wishes to exercise in our lives. We must overcome the devil’s power and allow God to fully restore us. God’s grace enable us to say no to ungodliness.

Will you allow Jesus to make you an overcomer by His blood?

One Sermon of Jesus

The battle is with self (our self importance) but it’s Jesus who makes my life count. He gave his followers one sermon, repentance and the forgiveness and sin. Will you listen to the words of Jesus and not your own pre-conceived view of things and allow Him to become Christ in you? Our call is to be made righteous in all respects, no agenda, with an absolute dependence on Jesus.

Can I Live Wrong and Die Right? (Encore)

We’ve believed a lie that we can live wrong and die right, with the implication that death is somehow our Savior. Because of this belief, we’ve lost our Godly sorrow for our sin and many cannot even honestly repent before God. Will we allow God to change this in us and create this consciousness of our depravity?

Are You Trying to Save Your Life?

We haven’t taken the message of Jesus seriously when He tells us to deny ourselves, taken up our cross and follow Him. We must allow Jesus to change our worldview to His worldview. Jesus viewed reality through the lens of His father, will you allow the Holy Spirit to accomplish this same transformation in your heart?