Pardon the Facelift

Good Day National Prayer Chapel Family,

We are in the process of redesigning the website from the ground up.  Pardon the lack of Audio Archives while we repopulate.

Rest Assured, you will begin to see the website content continue to repopulate in the coming days and weeks.

Hopefully, you will see the website much more responsive on all viewing platforms including mobile and desktops and welcome the changes with open arms.  Pray for Us.

Lastly, You will also see a new image on your mobile device when you save our website to your homescreen. The icon you will see is pictured below. It’s a reminder to pray for our nation.

prayer DC

About Ed Pugh

Follower of Jesus! A bit of a techie and an audiophile of sorts, that's not so important but loving Jesus is the focal point of my life and serving Him in whatever ways He chooses, that's where my heart is. Peace to you all, there is sweet victory in Jesus!