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The Way Up Is the Way Down

The lie of declared righteousness typifies the lukewarm, modern-day Laodicean church in America. However, our risen Lord makes it very clear that only those who are truly righteous, and have left wickedness, will have the right to drink of the water of life. We must cut off those things in our life that allow us to be comforted in our sin. Only then will we enter into the desert, where we learn to depend on Jesus as our only source of life. The book of Revelation outlines a three-step process by which we can leave our lukewarm state, repent, and be saved!

The Number One Issue Facing America (2014)

In this encore presentation, Pastor Ray discusses the number one issue facing America: unrighteousness and godlessness. This has resulted in the total collapse of the church in America. We must preach that a man can die to himself and be reborn with a new nature that enables him to walk without sin. Will you believe that Jesus Christ has the power to deliver you from sin in the here and now, or will you persist in unbelief? Jesus Christ offered himself as the perfect sacrifice for a perfect salvation.

The Vital Elements of the Christian Faith (Encore, 2014)

In this encore presentation, Ray shares some of the most vital elements of the Christian faith. Taking a historical perspective, Ray uncovers the lies of the false gospels that have crowded out the true gospel for over 1500 years. The single greatest issue facing you individually and the nation of America is, “What is the gospel of Jesus Christ, and what does his blood do in our lives?” Do you really believe that Jesus Christ has the power to deliver you from all sin? We must seize by faith salvation from sin in this life if we are to be saved in eternity. Nothing else will turn America back to God before his judgments fall on this nation.

November 2015 Offertory

The Holy Spirit led Pastor Ray to use this day as an offertory day. After opening with prayer and an exhortation to persevere in the faith, Ray opens the broadcast up for pledges.

The Courage (to Trust Jesus)

Does God answer your prayers? Are you crying out to God knowing that if he does not answer, you will die? Or have you grown indifferent by his lack of response? If God is not answering our prayers, it is a spiritual warning that we are not getting our life’s sustenance from Christ. Instead, like the church of Laodicea, we are in the dangerous place of being blind to our own wretchedness, with no inner awareness that we are walking in hostility towards the people around us and towards God. Real, imparted–not just imputed–righteousness is needed to enter the kingdom of heaven. We must have the courage to trust Jesus as our only source of sustenance and life and to cut off everything that is not of Jesus. Will you allow Jesus to rule over your heart in all things, or will you get angry?

Meeting the Conditions for Effective Prayer

Do you really believe that God will answer your prayers? Pastor Ray Greenley suggests that when God doesn’t answer our prayers, it’s because we had no faith that he would, and then we drift into indifference and hostility. Is your relationship with God characterized by affection and submission, or do you experience flashes of anger and rage because God didn’t do what you wanted him to? As long as we are hostile towards God, we are his enemy. Our spirit must be alive in righteousness. Unforgiveness, hostility, and anger will destroy our righteousness and prevent God from answering our prayers. Even still, it is often necessary to wait on God in order to align our will with his. It’s not so much that we are waiting on God, as he is waiting on us.

The Heart of Jesus

The heart of our risen Lord is reflected clearly in His message to the Laodicean church and has three elements: buy gold refined in the fire; wear white clothes, which represents the righteous deeds and buy salve. In order to walk through the process, we must begin to see ourselves as Jesus sees us which is wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. Righteousness only comes out of an outer crushing. Will you allow Jesus to do this in your heart or will you remain defiant that you are not part of the Laodicean church?

The Fallacy of the Sinning Christian (Encore)

In this encore presentation, Pastor Ray explores how the terminology surrounding salvation has been changed to empty the atonement of its power to remove sin in the here and now based in part of the work of a dear brother Malcolm Lavender author of “The Fallacy of the Sinning Christian”. Could this terminology be preparing those who are deceived by it to take the mark of the beast? These are the lies that our Lord said would, if it were possible, deceive even the very elect. Anything that removes the power of the blood of Jesus, and the assurance in our hearts of that power, is of darkness. Because the true gospel gives us victory over the anguish and struggle with sin, true faith and the sinning Christian are incompatible. We are not saved by works, but we cannot be saved by a faith that does not work. The single greatest issue facing America is the denial that we can live without sin while in this body. This grand delusion must be broken before revival can come to this land. Will you come to a crisis moment, recognizing that your sin separates you from God?

The Truth about Jesus

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark: the real tragedy is when men are afraid of the light. The only way we can know anything about God is by revelation. We can’t study him as a specimen. Will you determine to seek out the true revelation of God? If so, you must be willing to go through the painful and difficult process of foregoing your own opinions, beliefs, and traditions. In this broadcast, Pastor Ray walks through several specific, Scriptural revelations of Jesus. First, “Who is Jesus, and why do I call him God?” Second, what specific areas does the book of Revelation indicate that Jesus and our Father are most concerned about in preparing us to enter the kingdom of heaven? God has made full provision for us to enter in, but we must be willing to surrender all to Jesus.

The Wages of Anger

By nature, man is born with a selfishness that says, “I will have my way, and if you’re in my way, I’m going to take you out.” Sin is selfishness. And part of sin is anger that arises when, “I can’t have my way.” This anger can manifest as rage, bitterness, withdrawal, depression, or indifference. In every case, anger takes us into death. Do you want intimacy with Jesus? If so, you must let Him remove all anger from your heart and soul.

Two Gospels, or Victory in Jesus?

Today, there are two distinct classes of Christians with two different views of salvation. The first type regards the gospel as salvation from sin. They have renounced sin and hate and dread the thought of sinning even once, because they do not want to grieve Jesus whom they love so much.

The other class of Christian regards salvation as a complex system of indulgences that pardons their sin but does not give them victory over it. This false gospel has destroyed the church in America. Have you hardened your heart in unbelief that you will ever be fully delivered from sin? Such salvation is 100% by faith: it is utterly and completely the work of Jesus. His desire is to make us righteous, just, and holy!

No Longer at Enmity with God

Repenting of particular outward sins, while essential, will not make you a Christian. The fountain of wickedness in the inner soul must be dealt with. Have you been totally converted? Does your life show a pattern of victory over sin by the blood of Jesus, or is your Christianity merely empty words?

One Gospel

What is the Gospel of Jesus versus the Gospel of Galatians? Listen to the sermon and determine what the true gospel is, which is a life of sacrifice, self-denial and a decision for the flesh to be put to death. We must live under the divine influence of grace to turn us to the true gospel. The false gospel gives us a false sense of who are and makes us somebody, while the true gospel will humble you and make you simply a servant of Jesus. The real gospel will bring harmony in our hearts. We must place our life into the hands of Jesus and allow Him to make us righteous. Determine in your heart that you will not desert the real Gospel, which is good news! This requires that we lay down and No longer control our lives.

The True Gospel in the Early Church and Scripture (Encore)

In this encore presentation, Ray gives a brief historical background of the true doctrine of living without sin before proceeding to Biblical texts. For the first two centuries, the teaching that Christians could live without sin by the power of Jesus Christ, dominated the church. By the third century, the heresy of the sinning Christian flooded the church, where it remained virtually unchallenged for nearly thirteen centuries. This isn’t merely an academic question: it is a question of personal agony for those who truly desire freedom from sin. Do you believe in the fallacy of the sinning christian?

Are You Half-Converted?

Are you willing to allow the Holy Spirit to open your mind to the anger towards God you may have in your heart? The only way to be innocent before God is to allow the Holy Spirit to take control of our lives. Will you look to Jesus as your only source of life sustenance? The story of Saul warns us to obey the specific commands of the Spirit of God in our lives. If we harbor animosity in our heart towards God, believing that we have the right to choose what is right and what is wrong, we will die.

The Love of God

Anger towards God arises because God will not honor what we do in our flesh. We have an innate decision to hate God that is so great that, when we can’t get our own way, we would rather die than submit to God. Yet in his mercy, God gives us enmity towards evil so that we have the ability to repent. Will you trust in the love and goodness of God, or will you voluntarily continue to sin against the God to whom you will one day give an account?

The Core of All Sin

Most of us have missed one of the foundational, yet obvious, truths of Scripture. In order to gain an in-depth understanding of righteousness, we must come to terms with the reality that all outward sin results from an inward hatred for God. That hatred flows out of a human heart that says, “I am.” Do you have the courage to take an honest look at the putrid hatred for God in your inner being, repent, and die to your self? Only then will you be born again with a new heart that loves God and his commandments.

Buried Hatred toward God

By nature, all men possess a carnal mind that is characterized by supreme selfishness and enmity with God. Yet the mind of Christ, and those who are in Christ, follows after love and is self-sacrificing and self-denying. Though the carnal mind is a result of voluntary selfishness, it can only be transformed by the presence and power of Jesus. Will you allow the law of the spirit of life to make you free from the law of sin and death? We must be brought to an end of ourselves and confronted with true righteousness and holiness.

The One True Gospel

The first in a series of sermons from the book of Galatians, which brings a very corrective message. Grace means the unwarranted favor of God (or influence of God on your heart for the Gospel). The peace means harmony and prosperity. Against the backdrop of grace and peace provided by God, He sends His active influence to begin to call us to follow Him. Listen to the one true Gospel and allow Him to melt you down!

The Infinite Madness and Blasphemy of Excuses for Sin (Encore)

We are called to walk clean before God by faith in the effectual working of the Holy Spirit. When we make excuses for sin, we are justifying ourselves and blaspheming God. Excuses make repentance impossible. Will you cling to your excuses and blaspheme God, or will you recognize that your own wickedness and unbelief are preventing God from forgiving you and delivering you from sin?

Tender Ties with Thee

Our relationship with Jesus is made up of tender, intimate ties. These tender feelings spring up when there is an utter giving over of one to the other. Have you let sin cut those tender ties with Jesus and allowed your relationship with him to grow cold or formal? Jesus doesn’t need us to build something great. Instead, he wants us to lose our life for him and rest in his intimate, living love. The sweetness of the presence of Jesus will preserve us from sin.

The Gospel of Holiness in Real Life

To understand what the gospel of holiness looks like in real life, we must first ask, “Do you really feel a need for a savior?” Salvation must begin with an in-depth breaking down of our mind and heart as we recognize our exceeding sinfulness and how far we have fallen from the glory of God. On the cross, Jesus Christ made provision for all of our past sins to be forgiven, and to give us victory over all present and future sin. Will you covenant with Jesus to take an honest look at your sin and allow him to work in your heart?

Made Holy by Faith

A debilitating lie persists in the American church: the lie that Christ saves us from the penalty of sin, by faith, but then we must “do our best,” with Jesus’ help, to live a godly life. Pastor Ray Greenley shares his testimony of the frustration of living in Romans 7 until he learned the true meaning of justification. We are not merely viewed as righteous, but we are actually made righteous: not by works, but by faith. Will you seize by faith in the precious blood of Christ not only salvation, but holiness?

The Fruit of a Sinner and a Saint

Many who profess Christ will find themselves shut out of the kingdom because they were not willing to deny themselves, take up their cross, and follow Jesus. The day is coming when every man will be judged by his works, and you must be found having real righteousness, not mere profession. Will you set your mind to not turn away from the living God, or will you go through life with a self-centered profit-loss mentality? Today, if you will hear his voice, harden not your hearts.

You Must Be Born Again

In order to make the transition from the life of a sinner to that of a saint, we must no longer look at things in a utilitarian way (i.e. profit loss – what’s in it for me or what is my duty) but we must transition to the life of a saint with an unwavering commitment to obey Jesus Christ, regardless of the cost. There’s nothing sweeter than loving Jesus with all of our heart, soul and mind.