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We are in the process of making broadcasts and sermons available through a number of different venues for internet radio. You can directly access the stream here (which includes the last three files posted). If you would like to access this stream as a phone call (so it won’t count against your data plan), you can call (641)793-9914. (Please keep in mind that this will be considered as a normal phone call.)

08-25-2016 – Prisoners of Despair (Part 2) – Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Radio Broadcast

Pastors Ray and Jim continue with the discussion on Christian and Hopeful’s imprisonment at Doubting Castle, owned by Giant Despair and his wife Distrust. They outline the process of deliverance from this horrific place, which begins in heartfelt prayer and concludes with deliverance. Remember that just before dawn, is the darkest time of the night. I also wanted to say that if you’re willing to get serious with God, He will get serious with you and deliver you from whatever your bondage(s) may be. I bear testimony in the precious blood of Jesus to deliver and restore, so make that decision today to fully give yourself into the hand of Jesus and He will rescue you from Doubting Castle.

Psalms 30:5 For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favor is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. (Webster’s BIble)

08-24-2016 – Prisoners of Despair – Part 1 – Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Radio Broadcast

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray is joined by our dear brother, Pastor Jim Kerwin from Chapter 10 of Pilgrim’s Progress entitled “Prisoners of Despair.” In our culture, we’ve had such a fixation on comfort, there’s a great temptation to forsake the narrow path for human comfort. Listen to the broadcast and find out where Bypath Meadow leads.

08-23-2016 – A Non-Homogenized Gospel! – Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Radio Broadcast

Today’s title tells it all. Pastor Ray presents a clear, straight presentation of the Gospel that is not homogenized with the wickedness of our culture or the age in which we live. Listen to the good news and make a decision to follow Jesus today!

08-22-2016 – A Revelation of Our Risen Lord – Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Broadcast

We will be broadcasting encore presentations this week. This is the first of several lost broadcasts from 2012 that were recently found. Today’s focus is on John’s Revelation of Jesus. As we see more clearly the events beginning to unfold from Revelations, we must have a vision of who Jesus is and come into the throneroom of God and be made holy as we fully repent and give ourselves to Him. Are you prepared for the impending judgment or does God’s wrath rest upon you? (NOTE: We’ve remastered the original audio files, so the YouTube files are slightly different and a bit longer.)

08-21-2016 – The Narrow Path to Power (John 15) – Sunday Welcome and Sermon – National Prayer Chapel

During the welcome Sister Kathryn focuses primary upon Isaiah 61, which led to the sermon, which is an expansion of Thursday’s broadcast. If you’ve not closely listened to that sermon, go back and listen to the broadcast first. Pastor Ray discusses the narrow path to revival and the price that you and I must pay, if we are to see revival in America, as well as our own lives. Are you willing to pay that price?

(Note: Today’s welcome and sermon have been integrated into one file and edited.)

08-20-2016 – Harden Not Your Hearts (Hebrews 3, Psalms 37) – Saturday Sermon Classic

Today’s message from 2005 is a  strong reminder to not to harden our hearts. How do our hearts get hard and what is God’s prescription for the hardness? Listen to the message and resolve to not resist the word the Lord is speaking to us.

08-19-2016 – We Must See Into the Realm of the Spirit – Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Broadcast

On today’s radio broadcast, we played the Sunday sermon from July 17th, and the accompanying welcome by Sister Kathryn. If you missed this sermon and/or welcome now is the chance to listen to both of them concurrently.

08-18-2016 – Binding the Strongman – Thursday Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray  details Chapter 9 from the book “Rees Howell: Intercessor” . The work of the Spirit is done in intercession, so listen to this closely, as all Christians are called to be intercessors.

08-17-2016 – A Kingdom That Can Not Be Shaken! (Hebrews 12) – Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

During today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray talks about the parallel between the Israelites in Numbers 13 and 14 and much of the modern church, who believe that there is no victory over sin. There is a limit we can reach where we are denied the ability to repent because we have crossed a threshold and God may cut us off.  Hebrews 12:28-29 (NIV) Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken,let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our “God is a consuming fire.” Listen to the stern warning today and do not deny the power of the blood of Jesus to transform you and utterly change you.

08-16-2016 – How Will You Survive in Rephidim? (Hebrews 12) – Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

As Moses lead the Israelities to Rephidim, God leads us to that same place. Rephidim literally means “a place in the desert,” which is where God tests our hearts and our attitudes before Him. Every true Christian has a place of great suffering and/or great suffering in the midst of compassion for those around them. It’s time to get serious with Jesus, as He is God Almighty and leave this illusion that we have any power, when in reality we have none, we’re simply dust.

08-15-2016 – Pursue Peace and Purity (Hebrews 12) – Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

During today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray talks about God’s great design to give us heart purity,  where we no longer participate in the wickedness of the world. There is no purification of heart without suffering as the author of Hebrews says  “You must pursue peace with all men and the holiness (or purity) without which no one will see the Lord. (from the Lavender New Testament).” Make the decision to not walk in bitterness, which inevitably will lead to sin.

08-14-2016 – The Peaceful Fruit of Righteousness Sunday Sermon – National Prayer Chapel

Today’s sermon is for the mature follower of Jesus from Hebrews 12. The title is part of Hebrews 12:11, which says “Now all discipline for the present does not seem to be joyful, but painful; then later it gives back the peaceful fruit of righteousness to the ones having been trained by it.” It’s critically important to let go of any bitterness or unforgiveness (or even expectations of others) fully in our hearts, as this will result in sin, don’t be a “threshold crosser” as Esau was.

08-14-2016 – Sunday Welcome – Sister Michelle

Please open your Bibles to Revelation Chapter 16 and make a decision to not allow the devil to come and steal all of the work that Jesus has done in your heart. (Note: We lost the first minute or so dealing with some new audio equipment.)

08-13-2016 – Pilgrim’s Progress Saturday Sermon Classic – Besieged by God (2004)

If you’ve ever made a honest decision to follow Jesus, know that God will besiege your life to no end. His purpose is to bring you and I to a full surrender of our lives, not to steal or harm us. Are you consciously aware of how God has besieged your life? Make that unequivocal surrender of your life to Jesus Christ today as you listen to today’s message!

08-12-2016 – The Lord Will Provide! – Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Radio Broadcast

On today’s broadcast, a sermon from 2004, Pastor Ray focuses on the life of Abraham. We must do as Abraham did and lay those things most precious to our hearts on the altar of God as a sign of worship. As we do this with our tears, Jesus will make atonement for our sins. Listen to the sermon and take courage to give everything over to Jesus. 

08-11-2016 – God’s Purpose in Our Suffering and Hardship (Hebrews 12) – Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

Pastor Ray continues the study of Hebrews today. Today’s focus is on God’s purpose in suffering and hardship in our lives. These things are the handlebars that God uses to grab our attention, so that we may turn our hearts fully in surrender to Jesus Christ.  Can you identify how God has brought hardship in your life as discipline to turn your heart toward heaven? Jesus wants to get your attention so that He can shape you into His image and transform you and abide in you.

08-10-2016 – A Call to the Half-Converted (Hebrews 11 and 12) – Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

Today Pastor Ray discusses Hebrews 11 and 12, and includes some extensive reading from Jonathan Edward’s sermon entitled “Sermons in the Hands of an Angry God.” In that day, many in the church thought they could have the things of this world and Jesus too, it didn’t work in his day, nor will it work now. Listen to the message and determine if you are indeed half-converted and make the decision to give yourself fully into the hand of Jesus. The half-converted cannot enter the kingdom of God. 

08-09-2016 – This World Is Not My Home (Hebrews 11) – Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

Pastor Ray continues with the study of Hebrews. Jesus wants to take us with Him on our journey and He alone will be the pilot of your life and mine (i.e. Jesus will never be your co-pilot). Have you made this transition to the agenda of Jesus or have you attempted to add Jesus into “your life?”  It’s time for the independent life to be given up to Jesus, so that His agenda can be fulfilled in your life and mine.

08-08-2016 – How Far Have You Come By Faith? (Hebrews 11) – Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray asks the question how far have you come by faith? Is it a real journey or is it simply a sentimental one? Listen to the journey that God has called you to and make the decision to follow Jesus today.

08-07-2016 – Living as a Stranger in the Promised Land (Hebrews 11) – National Prayer Chapel Sermon

Using the life of Noah and Abraham, Pastor Ray talks about the focus of being a pilgrim, a sojourner. God takes us out of our comfort zone to where everything begins to come from His hand in our lives (and not our hands). He transforms us from settlers into pioneers to where the focus of God’s heart becomes our own for the lost and for those who have been beaten down by the devil’s lies. Are you a stranger on a journey to the Celestial City?

08-07-2016 – Understanding Why God Parts the Red Sea – National Prayer Chapel Welcome

Today Sister Kathryn talks about the purpose of God in parting the Red Seas in our lives, which happens in many times and many different ways once you begin to get serious about following Jesus. Unfortunately we lost the first part of the welcome but listen closely as this will make the sermon much more clearer to your heart.

08-04-2016 – The Footsteps of God (Hebrews 11) – Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray explains how we can see the footsteps of God, not only in history but in our own lives. He talks about how this was worked out in Abraham’s life to separate good and evil. God’s purpose is to destroy the works of the devil, do you see the footsteps of God in your life?

08-03-2016 – Will You Enter the Ark? (Hebrews 11) – Wednesday Pilgrim’s Progress Broadcast

Today’s broadcast is another in this incredible series on the book of Hebrews. The focus today is about Noah, a preacher of righteousness.  There are so many parallels between Noah and this age in which we live, the question is whether you will flee the wickedness and enter into the ark of safety. (Note: we had some problems with calls and the quality isn’t great but it’s important that you hear them and we unable to clean them up, without degrading the quality.)

08-02-2016 – Well Pleasing to God! (Hebrews 11) – Tuesday Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

The study of Hebrews continues with the focus on a life, which is well pleasing to Jesus. Listen to the story of Enoch and how he made that choice to be well pleasing to Jesus and make that same choice with your own life today.