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We are regularly using Dr. Malcolm Lavender’s New Testament, recently released and available here

On March 16, we began using a wonderful set of books entitled “They Knew Their God” by Edwin and Lillian Harvey (who have both gone on to their reward). A special thanks goes out to Barry and Trudy Tait from Harvey Publishing Company for allowing us to use these on air.

(NOTE: We are not receiving any compensation for our endorsement but highly recommend both of these resources.)

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05-23-2016 – Amazing Grace! – Monday Pilgrim’s Encore Radio Broadcast

Today’s broadcast originally aired in October and is part of an outstanding series on the issue of fatalism. Can God save the worst of us? The hymn Amazing Grace that has touched the lives of millions was written by a very unlikely candidate to have embraced the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many do not know this beautiful hymn of Grace was written by a sailor and slave trader, a hard man who had sailed the world, been enslaved himself, and then profited from the buying and selling of human beings. Listen to this inspiring story of repentance, forgiveness, redemption and the Lord’s Amazing Grace and make the decision to fully give yourself into the hand of Jesus.  


05-22-2016 – Sunday Sermon Welcome – Sister Michele

We’ve had some technical challenges the last few weeks and we’re now going to be posting the welcome messages by Sisters Michele and Kathyrn. This welcome is only about 11 minutes long and will be a great encouragement to many of you, so we’re going to post this separately, she’s reading from Philippians 3.

05-22-2016 – The Atmosphere of Your Soul – Sunday Sermon, National Prayer Chapel

Pastor Ray asks the question “What is the atmosphere of your soul?” There is an atmosphere of righteousness when we choose to fully give ourselves into the hand of Jesus and there’s the atmosphere of wickedness when we give ourselves into the hand of Satan. We must become fully cognizant of this cause/effect relationship and determine in our hearts to be intolerant of wickedness. What kind of atmosphere are you creating in your life?

05-21-2016 – Grabbing The Things of God – Saturday Sermon classic (March 23, 2006)

In today’s classic sermon, Pastor Ray looks closely at the life of King Uzziah, whose name literally means Yah or Jehovah is my strength. Surely this was true for much of Uzziah’s life but ultimately his heart was snared by pride, when he opted to take things into his own hands. We need to know that if have accusations in our heart against God, this is an indicia of pride and we must quickly repent or our heart will grow cold and/or indifferent to Jesus, regardless how long we have followed after Him. After Uzziah sinned God’s heart was to restore this man but he opted to pout, let this be a solemn warning to each of us as God will always oppose the proud and God will always give grace to the humble. Let’s humble our hearts before Jesus today.

05-20-2016 – The Journey Into Intimacy with Jesus (Radio replay) – Friday, Pilgrim’s Progress Broadcast

We have begun to replay sermons (mostly new ones with some older ones included as well) and today was the second one. In this sermon, we also include the welcome from our beloved sister, Kathryn, one of the leaders of our congregation. We pray that your heart is captivated by Jesus on this journey from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City.  We pray this message on Elisha is a blessing to you!

05-19-2016 – The Joy of Sabbath Rest (Hebrews 1) – Thursday Pilgrims Progress Broadcast

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray provides a detailed Biblical explanation of entering into the Sabbath rest of Jesus, which has become a snare for many Christians. Note that the Sabbath day rest was instituted before the fall of man and is not obtained by law-keeping, but rather intimacy with God. Listen to the message to fully understand the Sabbath rest observance was broken by sin and Jesus, through his blood, has made a way to restore us to this Sabbath day rest.

05-18-2016 – Is Jesus a Wall or a Door? – Wednesday Pilgrim’s Progress Broadcast

Pastor Ray asks the critical question is whether Jesus a wall or a door to you? Jesus is always a wall at first until we’re willing to fully submit and humble our hearts to Him. We must make a conscious choice to fully fix our thoughts on Jesus in this process or we can foolishly choice to light our own fires. Jesus is interested in the minute details of our lives and He wants to transform us from the inside out. Make a determine to fully fix your thoughts on Jesus!

05-18-2016 – If Jesus is Going to Be a Wall to Me, then… National Prayer Chapel Sermon Classic

The full title is “If Jesus is Going to Be a Wall to Me, then I’ll take care of this myself”.  It’s taken many years of “hitting the wall” before I finally caught on, hopefully you haven’t been as stubborn as I have. A dear brother asked us to locate a broadcast on Balaam and this fits in perfectly with today’s broadcast. As Balaam experienced Jesus as a wall, he resorted to witchcraft to get what he wanted. We see the disastrous results of his rebellion and his refusal to submit to the Lord God of heaven. There is much witchcraft in the modern church because of an unwillingness to humble ourselves to Jesus. Let this message be a warning to your heart and mine.

05-17-2016 – Have You Been Born From Above? – Tuesday Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Broadcast

In this encore broadcast, Pastor Ray asks the most important question each of us need to answer “Have I Been Born From Above?” Allow the Holy Spirit to search your heart and if the answer is no, then ask Jesus to do whatever He needs to do in your life to change this and He will.

05-16-2016 – Our God Is a God Who Saves! (Hebrews 3) – Monday Pilgrim’s Progress Broadcast

Today is a continuation of the study of the most excellent book of Hebrews, focusing on the first half of Chapter 3. The key verse is verse 1 “Therefore, holy brothers and sisters, who share in the heavenly calling, fix your thoughts on Jesus, whom we acknowledge as our apostle and high priest.” We must fix our eyes upon Jesus, which means to fix both our mind and our emotions upon Jesus and NOT HARDEN our Hearts (as the children of Israel did).  Remember that fear is a pointer reflecting that you are not fixing your thoughts on Jesus but are rather hardening your heart, something we need not do. Be encouraged today to fully trust Jesus, regardless of the circumstances in your life.  Put your weight behind His promises and stand upon them. Amen!

05-14-2016 – A Life of Love – Saturday Sermon Classic, National Prayer Chapel

Today’s classic sermon is a most precious one to me, as it’s seemingly followed me on a number of different phones I’ve had through the years and I’ve listened to it countless times. The sermon was recorded some three weeks after our beloved Pastor Jan crossed over the Jordan. When a great crushing comes upon our lives, what is our response to that great pain, whether it be the death of a loved one as it was for Pastor Ray, a major health concern, or some other crushing circumstance? God’s heart is to allow this crushing to allow the flowing out to others in self-sacrificing love. That’s radically different than a cheap, sentimental love that costs us nothing.

05-13-2016 – I’m Not Going Back – Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Sermon

If you missed today’s broadcast, it’s the sermon from May 1. We struggled with fixing some of the digital recording problems and have spent many hours remixing it. We do apologize for the sub-par quality and we’ve remixed it again with better results. If you select this link or the one below, this will take you to the new digitally remastered file.

05-12-2016 – Have You Been Saved From Your Sin? (Hebrews 2) – Thursday, Pilgrim’s Progress Broadcast

This is the fourth broadcast in a series on the exposition of Hebrews verse by verse. Today Pastor Ray asks the question as to whether you are saved or not? Have you been crucified with Christ? Is Jesus totally in charge of your life as demonstrated by your behavior? Allow the dynamite of God to transform you as you suffer and are transformed by the process of crucifixion.

05-11-2016 – The Suffering of Leaving Our Sin (Hebrews 2) – Wednesday, Pilgrim’s Progress Broadcast

Today’s broadcast is the third one in the series on an exposition of Hebrews verse by verse. Listen to the message with an open heart and mind and let the Holy Spirit speak to you. The walk with Jesus is NOT about self-improvement or trying harder, it’s simply is being crucified with Jesus and fully given to Him, where everything in our lives is under the Lordship of Jesus. Have you believed the lie that death is your savior and that you past, present and future sins are covered?

05-10-2016 – The Fullness of Christ (Hebrews 1) Tuesday, Pilgrim’s Progress Broadcast

This broadcast is the second in the new series on a methodical verse by verse exposition of the wonderful book of Hebrews. If you have not listened to Monday’s broadcast, we would encourage you to do so. The reality of the modern church is that Ichabod has been written over much of the church and yet most of unaware that the Holy Spirit has withdrawn and their lampstand has been removed. Prayerfully listen to the broadcast for revelation.

05-09-2016 – God’s Final Word! (Hebrews and 1 John) Monday Pilgrims Progress Broadcast

Today’s broadcast is an introduction to the study of the book of Hebrews, as well as a historical background on the lie of the sinning Christian. Much of the modern western church simply believe in Gnosticism and believe that they can be saved in the midst of sin and that the blood of Jesus does not have the power to transform and change them. Be willing to have an open mind and a willingness to search the scriptures on this very critical doctrine, which has become twisted in the modern church.

(NOTE: If you regularly peruse the website, you’ll notice that the posts this week have changed somewhat. The focus of this series is to do a very methodical exposition of the book of Hebrews. It is true that this book deals with the issue of eternal security but it also elaborates in awesome detail, the wonder of the atonement, which Jesus made for you and me. Jesus died to destroy the works of the devil, to set us free from the wickedness that is in each of us. He died to make you righteous, for real, right now, not at some future point.)

05-08-2016 – The Journey Into Intimacy With Jesus (1 Kings 19) – Sunday sermon, National Prayer Chapel

Today is the first message in a new series on the life of Elisha. We must make a transition as both Elijah and Elisha did to where the sole focus of their lives became about Jesus and His agenda. There came a time and place where they no longer had agendas. We must walk through an organic work of God where we are stripped and all sentimentality is removed. Listen to the message and determine in your heart to make this journey into intimacy with Jesus.

05-07-2016 – Banished?? (Genesis 4) – Saturday Sermon Classic, National Prayer Classic

We’ve all been banished from the presence to God due to our sin and we must make the choice to either be Cain or Abel. We can be Cain and do what we what we want to do and live under the illusion that we’re in charge of our lives or we can be Abel and submit to God and cry out for the blood. Our best will never do, the question is not whether you’ve been banished from the presence of God, the question is whether you will remain so or not? Are you be Cain and remain in charge in your life or will lay down your life as Abel did?

05-07-2016 – Moral Insanity (Isaiah 22) – Saturday sermon classic, National Prayer Chapel (10-4-2015)

Today’s Saturday classic is a sermon in the series on fatalism, that has been playing the past couple of weeks on Friday’s radio broadcast. Through the blood of Jesus, we must overcome the human heart’s tendency toward fatalism, which results in a moral morass, where where not only may give up but also where self reigns supreme. In fact, fatalism can be used to deftly hide the selfishness of our hearts. Are you self-indulgent or have you given everything to Jesus? May the Holy Spirit unveil this fatalistic bent in our hearts.

05-06-2016 – The Destructiveness of Fatalism (Psalms 101, 1 Samuel 2) – Friday Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Broadcast

Fatalism is the acceptance of all things and events as inevitable. It’s submission to my circumstances and a rejection of personal commitment to take a stand against evil. It is destroying the Christian Faith, the Church, America and the Judeo-Christian values that the nations of the West were founded upon. Listen to what the scriptures have to say about Fatalism and the false notion of “whatever will be, will be,” and “it is what it is.”  Christians must choose to utterly reject fatalism and follow the same path as King David and reject the path of Eli, who was totally fatalistic even as he was directly confronted with his sin.

05-05-2016 – A Fragrant Life (2 Corinthians 4) – Thursday, Pilgrims Progress Broadcast

Today’s broadcast focuses on two ladies, one named Helen Ewan from the series “They Knew Their God.” The other was Pastor Ray’s grandmother, Mary. By our worldly American standards, both of these women would have been deemed failures, but they had the presence of Jesus in their lives. Listen to the message and ask what was the secret to what Jesus did in their lives? Are you willing to lay all down and let the sweet fragrance of Jesus flow through your life? Surely, we’re the problem as God is not a respecter of persons, as both of their lives represent the normative Christian life. Cry out and ask Jesus to change this and He will!

(Note: There is no video today.)

05-04-2016 – My God Will Hear Me (Micah 7)- Thursday Pilgrim’s Progress Broadcast

Pastor Ray integrates the story of a dear brother, Charles Simeon (from the “They Knew Their God” series), with Micah 7. This dear brother was hidden away and largely scorned. He determined to be accepted by Jesus alone. We must make the decision, as illuminated in Micah 7, to not only be separated from our sin but to be utterly divorced from it. Have you made that made decision to be divorced from all sin and to only seek acceptance in Jesus? 

But as for me, I watch in hope for the LordI wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me. Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light (Micah 7:7,8).


05-03-2016 – Set Your Heart On Jesus (Malachi) – Tuesday Pilgrims Progress Broadcast

Using Malachi, John 14, and Galatians 5, Pastor Ray asked the question have you made an acceptable offering before the Lord, where you have divorced your sin and have been crucified with Christ or have you offered a profane offering before the Lord? That’s only a question you can prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit. May you set your heart like flint to follow the Lord Jesus Christ, He is enough but the only acceptable offering to Jesus is everything!

05-02-2016 – I Will Not Be Mine (Ephesians 4:17-32) – Monday Pilgrims Progress Broadcast

Today is a more in-depth study from Thursday’s broadcast. The scripture text is lengthy but Pastor Ray reads from Dr Lavender’s New Testament. Here are verses 17 & 18 from Ephesians 4: Now this I say, and declare in the Lord: you are to no longer to walk as the other Gentiles walk, in the nonsense of their mind, having been darkened in the understanding, being alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance existing in them, because of the hardness of their hearts.

He talks about the four key doctrines of Gerhard Tersteegen and many churches in the late 17th century. Make that choice to allow Jesus to go all the way to the bottom in your heart.

05-01-2016 – By the Grace of God, I’m Not Going Back, Sunday sermon, National Prayer Chapel

God is not interested in a superficial work in our hearts, he must take each of us all the way to the bottom. In this very special sermon, Pastor Ray lays out  four simple doctrines from a dear group of Christians from the 17th century that are key to revival followed by four specific behaviors that block this work. By the grace of God, we are trusting that Jesus will get the victory in our hearts as we simply trust Him with all of our hearts. May Jesus bring each one of us through to complete victory, amidst the tears and brokenness that will flow as He takes us to the bottom. Amen! (Note: We used some different software to record the sermon with mixed results, please pray for wisdom for us, as we seek to obey what Jesus asks us to do.)