Lavender’s New Testament and “They Knew Their God” Series – For Your Consideration

We are regularly using Dr. Malcolm Lavender’s New Testament, recently released and available here

On March 16, we began using a wonderful set of books entitled “They Knew Their God” by Edwin and Lillian Harvey (who have both gone on to their reward). A special thanks goes out to Barry and Trudy Tait from Harvey Publishing Company for allowing us to use these on air.

(NOTE: We are not receiving any compensation for our endorsement but highly recommend both of these resources.)

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07-23-2016 – Vanity Fair – Saturday Classic (from Springs of Living Water Radio Broadcast)

Today’s post is from the Springs of Living Water radio broadcast with Pastors Ray and Jan Greenley from 2009. They are speaking from Pilgrim’s Progress when Christian and Faithful went to the city of Vanity Fair. Surely our current culture is quite similar, with even more decadence and debauchery. Make the decision to go through Vanity Fair, regardless of the cost.

7-22-16 – Is It Too Hard to Follow Jesus? (Hebrews 10) – Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Radio Sermon (2011)

Consider this sermon, a review of the old and new covenants. Pastor Ray asks the question is too hard to follow Jesus? Have you faced the truth about yourself before God? Is Jesus is simply an add-on to an already full life? You must be a decision to be crucified with Christ and it only becomes hard to follow Jesus when we’re walking under the law.

07-21-2016 – Shipwrecked? – Thursday Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Sermon (2006)

On today’s broadcast, we aired a sermon from 2006 on the life of Peter. Pastor Ray takes an objective look at the life of Peter and to briefly summarize the sermon, Peter was unwilling to deal with his pride and wanted to serve Jesus in his flesh. My brother, my sister this will never work and the result will be pain and devastation to your life and in the midst of that, Jesus will come and say do you love me more than these? If you’re on course for being shipwrecked or even if you are already there, know that the heart of Jesus is to fully restore you, the question is whether or not you will repent of your pride and arrogance.

07-20-2016 – Faith That Changes the Ages! (Hebrews 11) – Wednesday Pilgrim’s Progress Broadcast

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray explains what faith is, as well as the commonly misunderstood use of the term in the modern church. Listen to the message and go to a Strong’s concordance and follow along with the Greek, and the wonderful mystery of Hebrews 11 will be unfolded for you. Will you remain under the authority of Jesus and let Him accomplish what He wants in your heart and life?

07-19-2016 – An Answer to Hard Times (Hebrews 10) – Tuesday Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

Pastor Ray continues his exposition of Hebrews by finishing up Hebrews 10, and integrates it with some other scriptures. It’s time to cast off the cheap cultural Christianity and the cotton candy Jesus and to be fully crucified with Jesus. Come in power to rescue your people Lord Jesus!

07-18-2016 – Will You Awaken From Your Slumber? – Monday Pilgrim’s Progress Broadcast

Today’s message is a call to wake up as we see chaos and destruction on every front. It’s time for the church to awake from its slumber. Are you awake or asleep in the Spirit? Have you believed in the lie of the sinning Christian, which has ultimately led to God’s judgment upon America (more than once). If you are asleep, don’t be content with that and cry out to Jesus for deliverance.

07-17-2016 – We Must See Into the Realm of the Spirit (Psalms 27) – National Prayer Chapel Sunday Sermon

Today’s sermon is a continuation of the Elisha series, and the first part of the sermon focuses on the story in 2 Kings 6. The real meat of the sermon, however, is the clearest teaching in the scriptures on walking in the Spirit, which is found in Psalms 27. We begin to see in the Spirit as we stand on the promises of God, through the blood of Jesus. Listen closely to the sermon and determine in your heart that you will no longer serve Jesus in your flesh or what you see in the physical realm.

07-17-2016 – Sunday Welcome

Today Sister Kathryn intermingles the promise of Genesis 3:15 with Romans 1 & 2. We need to be continually mindful and thankful of what Jesus has and is doing in our hearts and lives. Listen and be encouraged to fully trust Jesus.

07-16-2016 A Good Report? – Saturday Sermon Classic – National Prayer Chapel (08-2006)

Today’s sermon classic is primarily about Daniel and him being cast into the lion’s den. Daniel was willing to give up his expectations and opted to put his full trust in God. The good report is that Daniel fixed his eyes upon Jesus (i.e. he prayed, he didn’t quit), despite his circumstances. What would have happened if God didn’t deliver Daniel in the way we thought he should be delivered? Does God have to work out your circumstances in a particular way and will you trust Him, regardless of what your circumstances may appear? This is where the good report emerges!

07-15-2016 – Secrets of the Heart – Friday Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Broadcast

Today’s message includes the welcome and sermon from June 19. Please take a listen and allow the Holy Spirit to unveil the secrets of your heart.

07-14-2016 – Draw Near to God With a Sincere Heart (Hebrews 10) – Thursday Pilgrim’s Progress Broadcast

Pastor Ray continues with the study of Hebrews, today’s focus being on the first half of Hebrews 10 and John 15. We would strongly encourage you to read and pray before you begin to listen to the broadcast. Make a decision in your heart that you will believe Jesus to break every bondage and set you free to serve Him, and others at the call of the Holy Spirit. It’s a sobering and straightforward word straight from the heart of Jesus.

07-13-2016 – I Must Have a High Priest! (Hebrews 9) – Wednesday, National Prayer Chapel

Pastor Ray continues with the exposition of Hebrews and the wonderful opening of the heart of God to fully transform us.   2 Peter 1:3-4 “His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.  Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature, having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.” As our dear brother David stated last night, our emotions must be tethered to the promises of God. Jesus came to remove your sin now and fully destroy the works of the devil!

07-12-2016 – Do You Have a Need for a High Priest? (Hebrews 7, Romans 8) – Tuesday Pilgrim’s Progress Broadcast

Today’s message is a heart cry from the Holy Spirit to intervene, even as God’s great judgments are imminent. Listen to the message and let the Holy Spirit create this same cry in your heart for Jesus to come and rescue America from its wickedness.

07-11-2016 – Is There Poison In Your Pot? (Hebrews 7) – Pilgrim’s Progress Broadcast

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray spends the first half of the broadcast discussing story of Elisha and the poison pot of stew and Hebrews 7. The poison in our hearts must be removed by the flour, which represents bread (i.e. Jesus!). He goes to discuss that the law makes nothing perfect. Is your thinking is still under the law than you’re walking in legalism and you will never achieve perfection. This has led many in the modern church in America to make the transition to Gnosticism. Listen closely and make the decision to walk in the Spirit. Jesus wants to remove all of the poison in your pot.

07-10-2016 – The Process of Salvation (2 Kings 4) – National Prayer Chapel Sunday Sermon

Today’s sermon is a continuation of the Elisha series and the process of salvation. The process begin as the Holy Spirit calls us and we make a decision to fully submit to Jesus and resist the devil. In that place, Jesus calls us deeper into the desert and eventually will bring us into the promised land. This is no quick or easy work but there’s joy as Jesus feeds us the manna and He encourages us to endure. How far are you willing to go with Jesus?

07-10-2016 – Sunday Welcome (John 13) – Sister Michele

Today’s welcome is from John 13 and Sister Michele asks a critical question “Are you willing to come to a place where you’re willing to be washed and fully cleansed by Jesus?” That’s something that Jesus wants to do in our hearts but it requires that same earnestness demonstrated by Peter.

07-09-2016 – A Crust of Bread From the Dark Side (1 Samuel 15) – Saturday Sermon Classic (03-08-2008)

Today’s classic sermon focuses on the life of King Saul and his great sin of divination, which was evidenced in the battle against the Amalekites. Saul, in effect, drew a circle around his life and decided when and how he would obey God. This self worship resulted in a great self delusion, in that Saul believed he was actually serving God when he was really serving himself and brought God’s wrath upon him and led to his demise. Let this message be a sober warning to you and me.

07-08-2016 – The Turning Point – Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Sermon Broadcast

In this sermon from 2010, Pastor Ray recounts the turning point for Peter. In God’s great love and kindness, we too must have eyes to not only see this turning point but then in great repentance fully turn our lives over to Jesus. God has an seemingly infinite number of ways to bring us to the end of ourselves, would you open your eyes and make today your turning point from the chains of darkness toward heaven today?

07-07-2016 – Don’t Let Circumstances Turn Your Heart From Jesus – Thursday Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Broadcast

Today’s broadcast was the last in a mini-series of sorts from Norman Grubb’s book, “Rees Howells: Intercessor.” These messages were originally recorded shortly before the last Presidential election and we see the palpable increase of wickedness over these last four years. It’s time for us to get a hold of God and pray before it’s too late but that takes a willingness to allow Jesus to create a foundation of faith in our hearts as we fully surrender and are crucified with Him. Ignorance is simply unacceptable as the Holy Spirit will teach us to pray. It’s not a time to turn from God because He won’t do what we want, the cry of our hearts must be “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done” regardless of what that will cost us.

07-06-2016 – Intercession for Dunkirk – Wednesday Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Radio Broadcast

Today’s broadcast is a follow-up from yesterday and continues with an expansion of this assurance that comes as we are fully given into the hand of Jesus. The specific topic in Norman’s Grubb book entitled “Rees Howell: Intercessor” covers the Battle of Intercession for Dunkirk as well as the intercession for this radio broadcast.

07-05-2016 – What is the Foundation of Your Faith? – Tuesday Encore Pilgrim’s Progress Broadcast from 2012

Do you have a foundation of faith in Jesus Christ or do you simply have a vague hope in Him? Using personal experience and the life of Rees Howells, Pastor Ray makes a clear distinction between hope versus assurance. This broadcast will revolutionize your prayer life if you’re able to get a hold of it.

07-04-2016 – Trust in Jesus for the Victory! – Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Broadcast

Today’s rebroadcast is from October 2012 and it’s even more true than originally broadcast. Using the book “Rees Howell: Intercessor” by Norman Grubb, Pastor Ray recounts the battle in prayer against the Nazis by Rees Howells and the BIble School of Wales. Surely we are in the same place that they were, except this is the last day battle. It’s time to be bold and stand for Jesus and integrity and righteousness.

07-03-2016 – A Priest Forever (in the order of Melchizedek) – Sunday Sermon, National Prayer Chapel

Pastor Ray lays out the new covenant and the role of Jesus as our High Priest, as well as His dual role as the King of Kings. Make a decision in your heart today that you allow Jesus to function in both roles. “Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.” Hebrews 7:25  Let the King of Kings rule and reign over your heart and your life through every circumstance and you will be amazed what He will begin to do in your life! He will give you peace and His righteousness, what a mighty God we serve.

07-02-2016 – Go Through With God! Saturday classic broadcast

Today’s Saturday classic is a Pastor Ray/Pastor Jan classic radio broadcast that’s less than 30 minutes long from nearly 10 years ago (in October 2006). They succinctly and accurately lay out the process where God begins in earnest to transform our character. What a wonderful work to be transformed by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, there’s nothing more precious.  Have you made that decision to “go through” with God?