12-8-2016 “The Foundation of Prayer (Psalm 118)–Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Sermon

Does God answer your prayers? The foundation needed to prevail in prayer begins with repentance and being made righteous by faith in Christ. Through our suffering, God brings us to the place where we say, “I’m done with games. I will have Jesus!” In this place, the promises of God become stones that build the foundation of prayer. In Jesus, all these promises are “Yea” and “Amen”! Let the Holy Spirit teach you this foundation of prayer! This is the Sunday welcome and sermon from December 4, 2016.

12-7-2016 “Stop Fighting With the Devil (James 4)”–Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Sermon (2004)

Are you duck walking with Jesus? Do you have one foot in Jesus and one foot in the world? Using the fourth chapter of James, Pastor Ray lays out what this friendship with the world looks like in modern day America and how to submit completely to Jesus Christ. If you’ve been a duck walker and you know it, don’t waste time in self-condemnation–get your heart clean with Jesus, and walk in the life, righteousness, and freedom of Christ!

12-6-2016 “Jesus IS the Atonement”–Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

For the past 1,000 years, the doctrine of penal atonement, developed by Saint Anselm, has pervaded Christian churches of nearly every denomination. The Puritans, John Wesley, and Charles Finney were some who stood against this false teaching that Christ literally became sin and that believers will always be sinners. An in-depth look at Scripture, in translation and in the original Greek, reveals that Jesus Christ is atonement and that he offered himself to forgive our past sins and to remove sin from us in the here and now. We must be made holy now, and stay holy to the end, in order to be saved. If you’ve never considered this before, this broadcast is a good place to begin.

(Note: There is no YouTube video for today’s broadcast.)

12-5-2016 – “Send the Rain! (1 Kings 18)”–Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

God has delayed His judgments  to give Christians time to pray for personal and national repentance and revival. He seeks an Elijah company: individuals who refuse compromise with evil, abandon all hopes for fame, and devote time to earnestly pray. Have you, by faith, been made righteous so that you can cooperate with Jesus in His revival plan? Are you at all sensible of the hundreds around you who are under sentence of death, who will meet you at the judgment, and, if you have done nothing, accuse you down to hell? Beloved, it is time to wake up, get clean with Jesus, and pray!

12-04-2016 – “The Foundation of Prayer (Psalm 118)” – Sunday Welcome and Sermon – National Prayer Chapel

Are your prayers answered in the physical realm? The foundation of prayer begins with repentance, which God brings us to through suffering. After we get honest, give up the game and earnestly say “I will have Jesus” the promises of God become stones that build the foundation of prayer. In Jesus, all of these promises are Yea and Amen! Let the Holy Spirit teach you this foundation of prayer!

(Unfortunately we lost much of the welcome due to some technical problems.)

12-3-2016 – “Only a Single Seed” – Pilgrim’s Progress Sermon Classic (2005)

In today’s sermon, Pastor Ray focuses on what it means to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Jesus, as laid out in all of the Gospels. It’s so easy to have misconceptions about what this death to self means and how it impacts our daily lives. My prayer is that you will make the decision to be fully crucified with Christ as Paul did in Galatians 2.

12-2-2016 – “Faith and Works! (James 2)” – Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Sermon

Today’s radio broadcast is the encore welcome and sermon from September 25. Jesus wants to fully accomplish His purpose in our lives but above all He wants our words and deeds to match. Decide to be on the side of Jesus and through quick obedience make your words and deeds match!

12-1-2016 “A New Creation”–Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

There is no sanctification after death. A close look at the original Greek text overturns a cornerstone of this false gospel: Jesus did not become sin. Instead, “The one not having experienced sin took sin on our behalf in order that we might be made righteous.” The death of Christ condemned all who sin. You must become righteous and holy now, or you never will be. Would how you are living right now be acceptable in heaven? Won’t you fly to Christ, and let him make you into a new creation?

11-30-2016 “Another Offertory Day”–Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

It is the last day of the month, and we are standing by faith that Jesus will cover the cost for Pilgrim’s Progress to be on the air. He pays for what He orders! Enjoy some hymns, and listen as Pastor Ray shares promises from the Scriptures.

11-29-2016 “An Offertory Day”–Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

Enjoy encouragements for Christians to grow in holiness interwoven with hymns in today’s offertory message. The high quality MP3 is now available!

11-28-2016 “Unspotted by the World”–Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Sermon

The story of Rees Howells shows the necessity of entire sanctification after the new birth. In order for Jesus to live in our bodies, as he intends to do, we must give him complete control of our lives. Revival in America hinges on individuals who will make this total consecration to Jesus.  Beloved, will you go on to perfection? Or will you refuse to submit completely and unconditionally to Jesus? This welcome and sermon were originally preached on October 23, 2016.

11-27-2016 – “Do Not Force God to Leave You!” (Ephesians 1) – Sunday Welcome and Sermon National Prayer Chapel

God’s warning in Genesis 6 was that “My spirit shall not always strive with man.” If you have not renounced and forsaken all the manifestations of the flesh, you are grieving the Spirit of God. You must go all the way through the crucifixion with Jesus and come through into the fulness and fruit of the Holy Spirit Do not by your impenitence or simply your ignorance, force God to leave you!

11-26-2016 -“Lord Pull Me Through!” (Acts 26) – Pilgrim’s Progress Saturday Sermon Classic

Using the story of Paul’s imprisonment, Pastor Ray makes the case for being a Christian and then for being entirely sanctified. The Gospel is not a self-help, self-improvement program but does require a volitional submission to Jesus. Even with this awesome call, our heart cry must be “Lord Pull Me Through!”

Share this message with your friends, families and co-workers and don’t hold the position of King Agrippa, who accused Paul of madness, rather than surrendering his life into the hand of Jesus.

11-25-2016 – “The Unfinished Work” (Judges 11) – Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Sermon

Today’s radio broadcast is the October 16 welcome and sermon. In the welcome, Sister Kathryn lays out the process that God used to change Jacob from a usurper to that of an overcomer. The sermon focuses on Jephthah and his precious daughter. Her walk at the end of her life describes the process we must go through as go as we are crucified with Christ. Where are you at in this process?

11-24-2016 – “The Scourge of Pride” (James 4) – Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Sermon

Today’s broadcast was the welcome and sermon from October 9.  Have you honestly dealt with this scourge of pride that each of us must squarely deal with before a holy God? Do you see the evidence of enmity against God reflected by your behaviour and actions toward others? Allow the Holy Spirit to unveil your heart and remove this scourge before it kills you and infects those around you and defiles many. This will require much work in the prayer closet because Jesus wants and desires a complete work in your heart and mine.

11-23-2016 – “God’s Redemptive Plan for the Church!” (Ephesians 1) – Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

The bride of Christ, the church, will overcome and be forever holy and wedded to Jesus! God has set His heart on the church and put her on display to the entire universe. This is the big picture of salvation. Will you choose to be part of that holy wife of God?

11-22-2016 “The Journey of Faith”–Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Sermon

Are you ready to face death today? No one will get to heaven by accident, but many will end up in hell by accident. Are you conscious of the journey that you are on? Are you, like Abraham, facing decades of delay because you won’t wake up, walk in faith, and live for God? This sermon and welcome message were recorded on October 2, 2016.

11-21-2016 “Determined to be a Doulos of Jesus”–Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ provides for a full reclamation of the human race from sin right now. In Christ, we are restored to the holy and blameless condition of Adam and Eve in the garden. The only reason the world is still in such a miserable condition is because sinners refuse to repent and believe in the full and present salvation of Christ. Beloved, it is time to cast out your love of sin and unbelief and to walk in holiness!

11-20-2016 – “Endurance” (James 5) – Sunday Sermon National Prayer Chapel

Jesus calls us to love and trust Him through all circumstances – to endure instead of complain or grumble. It’s not sin to admit difficulty – but we must choose to pray through it and not be swayed off course by it. This is how Jesus weaves himself into our lives!

11-18-2016 – “Healing the Pains of the Past” – Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Sermon

Today’s encore sermon from 2008 is a very personal view of Pastor Ray’s battles against these monsters that come to destroy our soul and our heart for Jesus (in a similar way as they did for Job). The key thing to remember is that these inner monsters are derived either from our sin, which requires repentance or the sin of another, which requires forgiveness. Know today that the heart of Jesus is to heal the pains of your heart and this simply requires repentance and forgiveness, leading to full submission to Him.

11-17-2016 “God’s Purpose in Our Suffering”–Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

Is being a Christian hard? This is true only if you’re trying in your own strength and power to be a  Christian. The good news is that real righteousness, just like salvation, is a free gift from Jesus. The gospel doesn’t require you to white knuckle the monsters in your life. Power and victory come when we die to self, give Jesus total control, and endure all hardship and suffering as the necessary discipline from God to make us holy. There is no unnecessary suffering–God only allows exactly what is required to make you holy so that you can enter heaven. Won’t you give up the worry and complaint, and thank God and trust him, even in the midst of the crushing?

11-16-2016 “The Gates of Righteousness!” (Psalms 118)–Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

Repentance and righteousness are not God’s end for the Christian. Instead, they are stepping stones to intimacy and fellowship with Jesus. This intimacy comes at a high price: suffering, discipline, and consciously and deliberately giving up control of your life to Jesus. He will deal with the monsters in your life if you simply trust Him and not turn away. Have you given everything into the hand of Jesus or do you believe that you somehow can defeat these monsters in your life that come to ravage you?

11-15-2016 “Made Righteous by Jesus”–Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

We must be made righteous and walk clean, like Job, or we will go to hell. Without suffering, we will not be made righteous. However, we must not mistake our righteousness as our own: righteousness is a gift from God that is infused into our soul. Perhaps you understand this intellectually, but do you still lament your inability to conquer the monsters in your life? If so, you must take the practical step to put your voluntary trust in Jesus Christ, and allow Him to heal and redeem all that is broken. Get out of yourself! Get a good look at Jesus, and you will know that all sin can be broken at the cross!

11-14-2016 “Seeds of Destruction”–Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

The battle is on for the soul of America. Morality is crashing in America as the pulpits no longer burn with righteousness and no longer directly confront sin. The seeds of destruction have created an “inclusive” gospel that no longer rebukes sin or legalistic righteousness that’s full of rigidity, with no underlying power. It’s time that these seeds of destruction be removed from the church through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, so that a pure gospel can be proclaimed throughout the land! The heart of Jesus is that you and I be utterly transformed through a work of His amazing grace!

11-13-2016 – O God Awaken My Heart! – Sunday Welcome and Sermon, National Prayer Chapel

Jesus heart overflows with grief when he has to send sinners to hell. Will you compel Him to do so based on the choices you’re making? You may intellectually know the gospel but choose things that “unsave” you and will subsequently ruin your soul for eternity. Will you join Christian and run to the narrow gate today?