10-24-2016 “Jesus Banner of Love”–Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

What motivates your life? Is it the banner of love from Jesus or is it all about you in whatever form that may take? The work of God will never be accomplished in our lives until we allow the Holy Spirit total, unconditional possession of our bodies. We must have faith to leave our pigpens and renounce each one, through the blood of Jesus, and claim God’s banner of love over our lives.

O, beloved, this is not optional for any who would name the name of Jesus! If you refuse this work, how will you stand on the day of judgment? Holiness isn’t optional. How will you answer those you claim to love and adore who will go to hell simply because you were unwilling to die to your pride?

10-23-2016 – “Unspotted by the World” Sunday Sermon and Welcome, National Prayer Chapel

In the welcome, Sister Michele asks the question “What do you think God is thinking about America and your life?” using Psalm 32 and 2 Corinthians 7 as the text.  Pastor Ray details what entire sanctification looks like in the life of the believer.  The modern church’s denial of entire sanctification is simply a refusal to submit to JesusAre you willing to undergo the process laid out in the life of Rees Howells (and the scriptures) to utterly give your life into His control? Do you understand that without holiness, no one will see the Lord (See Hebrews 12:4)?

10-22-2016 – “Joyous VIctory!” – Pilgrim’s Progress Saturday Classic Sermon

In today’s 2005 sermon, Pastor Ray goes quickly through the four types of Christians laid out in the Parable of the Sower followed by the story of Ann Preston (a.k.a. Holy Ann or Holy Anna). He provides a synopsis of a wonderful book entitled “An Irish Saint” written by Helen Bingham. Listen intently with the question what is Holy Ann’s secret to her walk with Jesus and you will be both surprised and humbled.

A Picture of Holy Ann near the end of her life
A Picture of Holy Ann near the end of her life

10-21-2016 – “The Deathblow to Pride” (Philippians 2) – Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Sermon

This is the fifth sermon that were all preached during 2005 on this issue of pride.  All vestiges of pride must be removed through the blood of Jesus. What is the deathblow to pride?

10-20-2016 “Quickened by Christ”–Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

The Holy Spirit is a person who must live in bodies. If you have been born again, have you given that new life to Jesus? Have you given up not only your sin, but your self? Or have you withheld and stolen from God by keeping that new life in Christ for yourself? It is easy for us to blow off this question, but we must give it honest consideration. Will you give your body to the Holy Spirit? Will you let him live in your body just as really as he lived in the body of Jesus Christ?

10-19-2016 “Get to Jesus!”–Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

American Christians, as a whole, have jettisoned the true gospel. Many teach that we can still be saved even if we love the world and walk according to our own understanding. But the gospel of Jesus Christ requires us to die to our sin in order to be born again. Has the supernatural work of God transformed you into a new creature in Christ? Or have you just used a little bit of Jesus spray paint to gussy up the old man? Has it hit you yet that you are going to be judged by your works–and the only way to be saved is to allow Christ, by faith, to make you and your works really righteous?

10-18-2016 “Do You Need a Full Work of Righteousness?”–Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

Are you faithful to Jesus Christ? The book of James is clear that if we love the world–which encompasses anything we love more than Jesus-we are committing adultery against Him. If this is your case, you are an enemy of God and God will oppose you in your pride. You have chosen, by an act of your own will to usurp God’s power and authority in your life.

To be faithful to Jesus, you must allow the body of sin to be destroyed by dying with Christ, and become a new creature in Him, not walking in known sin. Is your life over? Have you come to terms with your own death? Will you make up your mind to love Christ supremely, with no way to turn back?

10-17-2016 “Dealing with Our Hatred for God”–Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Broadcast

America’s moral decline has one root: enmity against God. Even as Christians, we can easily allow pride to block our taking an honest look at what’s buried deep in our souls. But there’s no need to remain blind: underlying hatred for God is exposed when we treat our brothers and sisters in angry, abrupt, or uncharitable ways. The only way to deal with this enmity is to lose our lives to Christ.

Perhaps you say that you are dead with Christ: but did you ever take the time to fully grieve over the death of your life? Did you really come to terms with what that means? O beloved, will you get honest with God, and give your heart once and for all and forever to Jesus Christ?

10-16-2016 – “The Unfinished Work” (James 1:21-22) Welcome and Sermon – National Prayer Chapel

The welcome deals with the life of Jacob and Sister Kathryn points out we must wrestle with God until we overcome all enmity and pride that blocks the grieving process.

The focus on Pastor Ray’s sermon is primarily on Jephthah’s daughter, who agreed with her father that her life was over and spent time mourning over the loss of it. Have you agreed with Jesus that your life is over? Have you completed the mourning over the loss of your life into the hands of Jesus, so that He can come to work in power in your life?

Know that the heart of Jesus is that you and I, through His blood, become overcomers and no longer operate as heel-grabbers.

10-14-2016 “The Perfect Work of Patience”–Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Sermon

Are you willing to be patient? To be saved, we must be perfected; and to be perfected, we must be patient. This maturing process begins after Jesus delivers us from all known sin. What do your relationships look like? Do you have a sincere, humble, interest in listening to others–an interest that views conflict as an opportunity to respond with love, kindness, and patience? Or do you resort to bitterness and backbiting in order to plow over people who get in your way? The heart attitude, so often glossed over in modern America, that is exposed in such tongue lashing is utterly unfit for heaven. Will you look honestly at how such behavior and feelings are totally unlike the heart of God? Will you weep, and mourn, and let Jesus heal you?

This is an encore sermon from Sunday, September 4, 2016.

10-13-2016 “Loving My Beloved”–Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Sermon

If you’re in covenant with Jesus, God is investing in your life. You are under a process of cultivation with a definite end: for the Holy Spirit, through you, to use the power of the atonement to break the devil’s dominion, bind the strong man, and steal his goods.

What have you done with God’s investment? Have you humbled your heart and determined to quickly do everything that Jesus tells you to do? Or have you stolen the investment and used it for yourself? True love is faithful. If God cannot trust us to be faithful with a little, then how can we be trusted with revival power? And if this is our state, how can we say that we love Jesus? O, how long will we in America continue to practice such treason, while millions are rushing into hell? (Today’s sermon was from Sunday, August 28.)

10-12-2016 “The Narrow Path to Power”–Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Sermon Broadcast

It’s time to face the hard truth: the only thing blocking God from moving in revival power is our own stubbornness and our lack of obedience and holiness. Are you willing to pay the price for God to bring revival? Or will you be content to watch everyone you know go down to hell? (Note: This is a welcome and sermon from August 21.)

10-11-2016 – “No Longer Hostile to God” (Romans 8) – Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Sermon

Do you love and submit to Jesus in truth, or have you buried and ignored hostility in your mind towards God? If we think that God exists to help us get what we want, we are in rebellion. Jesus will never be a mere consultant, He will either own and carry your whole life, or He will be absent! Do you experience the joy of the Holy Spirit that comes  step by step (not by hard work) daily submission to Him? Or do areas of hostility rise up in your mind when you try to pray, or in certain situations. This hostility, if not removed, will take us to hell but Jesus is willing to cleanse us totally if we willingly confess and repent of our wicked ways.

10-10-2016 – The Danger of Self Love (1 Corin. 11:17-35) – Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Sermon

Are you so consumed with pride that you fail to help others, because after all,  shouldn’t the world revolve around you and your concerns? This self love will create divisions and block the work of God. God designed the church to be an interdependent body of people, not a group of self-sufficient and self-contained individuals. Will you allow God to melt and soften your heart, so that you will sacrificially love Jesus and others?

10-9-2016 – “The Scourge of Pride” (James Chapter 4) – Sunday Welcome and Sermon – National Prayer Chapel

Sister Michele’s welcome was from Matthew 22 beginning at verse 41, with the question who is Jesus and how do we view him?  Pastor Ray’s sermon deals with pride, which veils this deep inner hatred of God that we must all deal with. Pride is the fruit of the hatred of God. Will you cry out and allow God to deal all the way to the bottom with your pride?

10-8-2016 – How To Turn Victory Into Defeat – Pilgrim’s Progress Saturday Classic Sermon

Today’s sermon from 2005 focuses primarily on the life of Achan, who chose to turn victory into defeat. Achan’s sin was that he didn’t want to stay low and he hid things under his bed. Have you hid anything (an unclean thing, an unclean attitude or perhaps a pet sin) from the all-seeing eye of the Holy Spirit?  Let the Holy Spirit go all the way to the bottom and go from victory to victory through the blood of Jesus. This requires conscious decisions and a determination to no longer hide from Jesus anything…

10-07-2016 – “Stay Low!” – Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Radio Broadcast

Do you fear God or do you live under the false illusion that God is your servant? In this continuation on the life of Mr. Fearing, the virtue of staying low emerges as indispensable for a successful journey to the celestial city, and ultimately our salvation. We can finish our pilgrimage successfully if we stay low, regardless of how we may feel in our inner being. Staying low is the same thing as being “poor in spirit” the first of the Beatitudes, so if you’re low stay there and let Jesus teach you how to walk with Him and let Him make you into a nobody and simply a servant. 

10-06-2016 “The Testimony of Mr. Fearing”–Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Radio Broadcast

Has your spiritual progress been stalled by fear and doubt, even though you love Jesus? If so, the character Mr. Fearing of Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress offers great encouragement. If you walk clean under the blood, you do not need to worry about your final acceptance with God. Beloved! The heart of Jesus overflows with passionate love to receive you. Will you just come as a child and trust him?

10-05-2016 “Taking the Kingdom by Force”–Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Radio Broadcast

A Christian can never be overcome by sin unless he yields himself to it. Have you remained faithful to Jesus? Does love for Him burn hot in your heart? Or have you been snared by a pity party or the simple refusal to repent? The kingdom of heaven will not just fall into our laps–it must be taken by force! Take up your courage, and press into Jesus!

10-04-2016 “It’s Time to Go Deep”–Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Radio Broadcast

The judgments of God will soon be poured out on this nation. Are you ready? In this study of Jeremiah and Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, Pastor Ray Greenley shows that God is preparing to raise up a righteous remnant in America. The requirement? We must abandon self-righteousness and its insistence that, “I am innocent!” when we are in sin. How long will you allow our God-given American freedoms to be stripped away while you content yourself with a small portion of wickedness? Isn’t it time to praise Jesus for his patience with us, and fly to him for dear life?

10-3-2016 “The Sophistry of satan’s minions”–Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Radio Broadcast

Did you engage in a brief battle with sin, only to give up, and say, “It’s hopeless”? In this study of part two of Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, Pastor Ray Greenley exposes this thinking as the sophistry of Satan that chills us to lukewarmness (or frigidity). Is this your condition? If so, it’s time to repent, be born again, and enter the way of holiness—it’s the only way to heaven!

10-2-2016 – Welcome and “The Journey of Faith” (James 2) – Sunday Sermon National Prayer Chapel

Today’s welcome and sermon are integrated, and the welcome focuses upon what it means to take the Lord’s name in vain. Using the life of Abraham, primarily from the account in the book of Genesis, Pastor Ray walks us through this journey of faith that he took and we must also make it if wish to make it to heaven.  Listen to the story and God’s amazing patience and long-suffering with Abraham, we oftentimes refer to as the hero of the faith.

10-01-2016 – Get Past Your Pride! (2 Chronicles 32, 33) – Saturday Classic Sermon (May 15, 2005)

One of God’s ways is that He will uncover every vestige of pride, so that we can be totally transformed.  Listen to the story of how God uncovered King Hezekiah’s pride and allow the Holy Spirit to expose any pride in your heart. We’ve seen pride as a virtue and not a vice in America and this has to be exposed and totally broken in our hearts.

09-30-2016 – The Peaceful Fruit of Righteousness – Pilgrim’s Progress Encore Sermon

Today’s radio broadcast is the sermon from August 14, and we’re also including the broadcast below so you can listen to it, if you’ve not done so already.

9-29-2016 “Taking the Lord at His Word”–Pilgrim’s Progress Radio Encore Sermon

Is your faith a mere mental assent, or do you operate as if the promises of God are reality? God is willing to save and sanctify us completely. Do you believe it? Will you confess your pride, and let God do what he has promised?